8 Best Spring Recipes ...


8 Best Spring Recipes ...
8 Best Spring Recipes ...

I love the Spring, and one of the good things about it is the gorgeous food we get to enjoy! Everyone has their favourite recipes, so I’ve been quizzing everyone I meet on their favourite spring foods, and here are the best eight spring recipes for you to try out, and don’t forget to share your own!

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Parmesan Spring Chicken This is a divine recipe, and it’s so easy to make! I’m not a cheese fan myself, so I flavour mine with mint sauce instead, but either way it tastes divine and is always a big hit at parties!


Spring Chicken in a Pot If you’ve never made pot chicken, this is the recipe to start with. It tastes great feshly cooked, but you can store it for a few days and it will taste just as good. It’s light, too, so you won’t feel bloated, but you will feel full! Always a winner!


Sausage and Spring Mash I love this! Sausage and Mash is one of my favourite foods anyway, and this Spring combination tastes divine and it contains lots of different vitamins and minerals, too. It’s one of my Spring staples!


Spring Fish Pie I’m not the biggest fan of fish pie, and this recipe is the only one I will eat. The fish is combined with potato, egg and lemon, to give it a fresh and spring like finish, and it tastes lovely. It’s easy to make too, and quick to cook. Perfect for surprise guests!


Linguine with Prawns, Spring Greens and Chilli If you love pasta, this is the recipe for you. It has hardly any fat, and a low GI, which makes it a brilliant diet food as well as tasting luscious and making sea food affordable! If you don’t fancy prawns, try using spring chicken chunks instead. I accidently discovered this, but it tastes gorgeous!


Warm Salad of Spring with Lamb Griddling This is divine. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll want to eat it again and again and again... the salad is healthy and low calorie, but the lamb gives it that tasty kick which makes irresistible. It’s a great choice for dinner parties!


Spring Vegetable Soup with Basil Pesto I’ve started making this and freezing it for quick meals and to take to work for lunch! It takes lovely, and it’s really good for you too. Serve with crusty home made bread, and it’ll soon be a firm family favourite.


Spring Onion, Wensleydale and Ham Pastries I first tasted these at a Spring conference, and then a friend had them as a snack at her wedding. I thought it was an odd choice until I tasted them... they are delicious, and everyone loved them! They only take 40 minutes to make, too, and can be chilled until you need them.

I’m making sausage and mash pie right now, for tea tonight! I love Spring, not only is it cheerful and colourful, the food is amazing too! You won’t regret trying any of these, and they are so simple to make, too. If I can master them, anyone can! Have you got a favourite Spring recipe? Please share it with me, I love making new things!

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I agree, that soup does look yummy

Wow...I am hungry just looking at that picture of the Spring Vegetable soup with Basil Pesto. I was making some soups today, just to use up my ham bones from Easter....

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