5 Fun Recipes to Try This Week...



What could be more decadent than those? Not very healthy but man, they will make you feel so good.

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Stuffed Baby Peppers

This is a wonderful recipe from none other than Giada. The list of ingredients is enough to make my mouth water!


Suburban Grandma shows us a great way to finally cook your leftover Easter ham creatively. Takes a bit long to make but the result will probably be worth the wait.


After you have your fill of the oven fries, whip this dish up for dinner to stay healthy.

5. Cream Cheese and Sour Cream Chunky Potatoes

This one looks so easy and yum! I am now sending an SMS to the boyfriend to get me the ingredients because we will have this for dinner!

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Yummmm!!! I make fries like that. They really aren't that bad for you. Way better than real fries at least ;)

Meream, thank you so much for including my ham and potatoes casserole in you post. If you have all the leftover main ingredients, this is a very quick recipe, that is why I love it so much. Of course it helps if you have a helper to do some of the chopping for you, especially the onions, as they always make me cry. How are the craft projects of yours going for you? I would love to see you share some....I love crafts.

oh my...the two potatoe recipes are making my mouth water!!

I'm glad you love potatoes as much as I do! :D

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