8 Delicious Recipes for Dips ...


8 Delicious Recipes for Dips ...
8 Delicious Recipes for Dips ...

Dips are the perfect summer food,easy to make and not too filling. Make several varieties, chop up some veggies, slice some bread, open some crackers, and you've got an easy lunch. Here I've picked out some great recipes for you to try. How about having a picnic with these delicious dips?

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Cream Cheese and Sweet Chilli

Photo Credit: bbcgoodfood.com

I love dips with a bit of a kick to them, so this cheese and chilli dip sounds tasty. It's so simple to make as well, with just four ingredients, and uses chilli oil so you don't need to chop any up.


Mexican Bean Dip Photo Credit: nandyala.org

More spice! Mexican food is a favourite of mine, and the flavours in this dip sound delicious. If you don't like cheese, you could probably leave it out.


Photo Credit: bbcgoodfood.com

If you are a fish fan, this is the one for you. It's simple to make, but do plan ahead, as it needs time to chill before serving.


Photo Credit:thedailygreen.com

Roasting peppers really brings out the flavour, so it's worth taking a little more time to make this dip. I don't like leeks, so I'd swap them for celery, but suit yourself!


Photo Credit:blog.hgtv.come

Dips don't always have to be completely savoury! This one is recommended as an accompaniment for barbecued meats. It's quick and easy to make.


Tzatziki Photo Credit: eclecticcook.com

This lovely Greek dip is the perfect counterpart to spicier recipes. It would really cool your palate when served with spicy food.


Cucumber Dill Dip Photo Credit:dailydish.com

Cucumber and dill go very well together. This is another delicate, easy dip that would be perfect with crunchy vegetables.


Photo Credit: channel4.com

I'm not sure how close this is to the real thing, but if you are vegan or don't like cheese, give it a go. It takes a little bit of cooking, and needs to be chilled for 4 hours, so don't try making it at the last minute!

Have you been inspired by any of these ideas, or do you have any dip recipes to share with us?

Top Photo Credit: My CrEaTiOnS & SnApTuReS!

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Ing this may sound dumb but hey it's GOOD ok so take 1 piece of bread and cut it in tiny pieces and put in the microw wave for 2 min (in the middle takeit out and move all the pieces and make sure there not sticking to The plait, if wanted but parmazion cheese on it and put it in the microwave for 10 sec to melt it and I like to have som salsa with it itsss sooo good

I like cheesy or curd dips. Mexican dips are also mouthwatering.

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