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10 Super Snacks ...

By Alison

When it’s this hot, you often don’t feel very hungry. You certainly don’t feel much like cooking! One answer is to have several snacks, rather than large meals which just make you feel sleepy. So I’ve picked out some nice healthy snack recipes for you to try.

1 Green Chilli Cheese Balls

Green Chilli Cheese BallsCheese recipes can be a bit boring (as a vegetarian, I’m used to being offered it as my only ‘option’). So I like recipes that add a little spice and do justice to the cheese. This uses chillis to pep up the cheese – I also like the sound of the chopped pecans.

2 Apple Carrot Muffins

Apple Carrot MuffinsI love muffins, and there’s a huge variety of recipes. Try these apple and carrot muffins for a sweet snack. Personally I’d cut down on the sugar content quite considerably, as it seems rather excessive, and you can usually do so with cakes without ruining the result.

3 Pakoras

PakorasI just adore pakoras. If you have not tried this tasty Indian snack, then do have a go. They’re really easy to make! I often cook up a batch of mushroom and onion pakoras when I have friends round. Serve with a yoghurt dip (the snacks, not your friends. AWT does not condone cannibalism).

4 Two Berry Yoghurt Shake

Two Berry Yoghurt ShakeAs simple as can be, and so refreshing! Just blend all ingredients together and voila. The recipe uses raspberries and strawberries, but why not vary it and try a combination of other berries.

5 Chinese Noodles

Chinese NoodlesNoodles served with vegetables makes a light, tasty snack. In the summer, they are also nice served chilled. Great for using up odds and ends of veggies – pick from the suggested list, or choose whatever you like.

6 Potato Pancakes

Potato PancakesI love any kind of pancakes, both savoury and sweet. These potato pancakes are easy and quick, and suitable for breakfast or a snack at any time of day. Just make sure that the batter is of the correct consistency – and that there are no lumps!

7 Spicy Sausage and Cheese Tortilla

Spicy Sausage and Cheese TortillaAnd now, some tapas recipes. These Spanish snacks are designed to be consumed in bars with a beer, but you can try them at home. Beer is optional! Tortilla is probably the best-known of all tapas.

8 Patatas Bravas

Patatas BravasThis is my absolute favorite tapa! Tapa means lid, by the way, and refers to how a piece of bread was used to cover the glass of beer to keep off thirsty flies. Patatas bravas are cubed potatoes served in a spicy sauce, and if you think the humble potato can’t be tasty, try this recipe.

9 Serrano Ham Stuffed Tomatoes

Serrano Ham Stuffed TomatoesThe Spanish love their ham. There are specialist shops are full of entire legs, which you’re supposed to keep in your kitchen on a special stand. A bit of a shock to a vegetarian, I can tell you! If you’re a ham fan, try these stuffed tomatoes.

10 Albondigas

AlbondigasThese are little meatballs served in a tomato sauce. I make a vegetarian version which has fooled even meat-eaters – ask very nicely, and I might share my secret recipe!

Have you got any snack recipes to share with us? I’d love to hear them!

Top Photo Credit: vistamommy

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