7 Appetizers for Your Halloween Party ...


7 Appetizers for Your Halloween Party ...
7 Appetizers for Your Halloween Party ...

We’ve all been to parties with a cheesy (OK, yum) and silly table full of goodies meant to entertain the kids. I have certainly had my share (and a second helping) of dirt cake and graveyard cookies and anything dipped in white chocolate to resemble ghosts. Oh my, the sugar rush!

The following are seven creative – and quite adult – appetizer ideas for your upcoming Halloween bash. Because as grown-ups, we care just a bit more about developing a few cavities from all that junk food.

Not to mention, we’re saving our sweet intake for Thanksgiving’s pumpkin pie.

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Eyeball Soup

Eyeball Soup Find the recipe at: delish.com
A delicious tomato soup recipe is turned suspicious with the addition of stuffed Kalamata olives. As eyeballs. This is a fun first course served individually at a sit-down dinner party or in a large witch’s cauldron for a buffet table. *blink* I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time eating anything that’s staring at me. Stop looking at me!


Bleeding Heart Brie

Bleeding Heart Brie Find the recipe at: tasteofhome.com
I’m certain I would still eat this baked Brie appetizer even if you told me it was actually bleeding. That is how much I love my cheese. No blood or guts or oozing cherry preserves stigmata will keep me away from devouring you. And a side of crackers.


Halloween Snack Mix

Halloween Snack Mix Find the recipe at: tasteofhome.com
I have a popcorn phobia. Perhaps I have been tricked by too many animated hands-in-candy-bowls during Halloween. But this sweet and salty snack mix contains a satisfying serving of peanuts and candy corn, which makes this appetizer not that creepy to stick my hand into.


Pumpkin Fondue

Pumpkin Fondue Find the recipe at: food.com
Oh, here we go with the cheese again! I absolutely love this presentation and recipe idea for serving a fondue during a Halloween get-together. A mix of rich Gruyere and Emmenthaler cheeses is served in the actual pumpkin. The trick is to bake the orange winter squash before filling. The treat is the ooey-gooey cheesy tastiness that follows.


Eyeball Caprese

Eyeball Caprese Find the recipe at: evilmadscientist.com
Every costume party needs more gross eyeballs, right? Perhaps it’s just the olives that are wholly inedible and therefore disgusting to me… But I digress. This spooky spin on a light and summery salad appetizer is adorably adult. A creepy caprese!


Skeletal Fingers

Skeletal Fingers Find the recipe at: epicurious.com
Roasted white asparagus is the appendage of our healthy Halloween menu for the evening. Finger lickin’ good… err, never mind. This dish will make the non-carnivorous guests delighted about their invite. Or fearful that they make it out alive with all ten fingers.


Goblin Dip with Bone Crackers

Goblin Dip with Bone Crackers Find the recipe at: find.myrecipes.com
Was the Monster Mash something like destroying a bean dip with crackers? Because I can do that dance. This ghoulish appetizer is served with do-it-yourself bone crackers. We’re talking about makeshift baked tortillas – NOT mass murderer-style for real. Who invited you to this Halloween party anyway?

Boo! Don’t be too spooked to ask for a doggie bag for any of these deliciously unique appetizers. How do you make your Halloween parties more adult-friendly (and with fewer sweets)?

Top Photo Credit: Super*Junk

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