7 Things from a CanBag That Taste Better than the Real Deal ...


7 Things from a CanBag That Taste Better than the Real Deal ...
7 Things from a CanBag That Taste Better than the Real Deal ...

I am a processed food junkie, and shoot me if I know how did I ever manage to go from anorexic to loving everything that has the expiration date printed on it? Now, my past aside, let me tell you which 7 pre-packed things I especially love and why…

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Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes Photo Credit: JaBB

I don’t know about you but I totally love the taste of instant mashed potatoes. It doesn’t taste like the home made one, that’s for sure, but my sister and I are completely crazy about that specific smell and taste. Did I mention the word “taste” too many times? Well it does taste great, there’s nothing I can do about it. Plus, it’s ready in just 5 minutes!


Tuna Fish Pate

Tuna Fish Pate Photo Credit: hthrd

I love fish but I hate all those little bones and I especially hate that overly fishy smell! Now, I know that sounds strange coming from a person that has tried more sea creatures than the great white shark, but you’ll have to agree that some fish and fish products do smell less “fishy” than the others. That’s especially true for home made fish pate… at least for the ones I had the misfortune to taste.


Canned Peas

Canned Peas Photo Credit: doolloop

I always have a can of pre-cooked peas in the house because that’s the tastiest, easiest to mix in a salad thing ever. How do they manage to cook it and make it so delicious without any sauce? I just can’t do that with frozen peas and I’m really not a bad cook! I’m going to tell you a little secret, but don’t think I’m weird, please. I like to open a can of peas, take a spoon and dig in. No plate, no bread, no mayo or dressing of any kind. Just peas. Is that weird?


Frozen French Fries

Frozen French Fries Photo Credit: Ben de Jesus

Another processed, time-saving miracle that puts the H in “high cholesterol” and C in “unnecessary calories.” Yup, I’m sure you get the hint. I’m buying this only when I’m expecting a lot of guests – in that situation cutting and frying regular potatoes is too time consuming. And, in that situation I just can’t wait for everybody to sit down and dig in so I can have my portion of fries too! I mean, don’t you just love French fries from McDonald’s or Burger King? That’s the same kind. They rarely burn or go brown and always turn out crunchy rather than greasy. Mmm… I’m hungry…



Tiramisu Photo Credit: Vanessa Pike-Russell

The recipe I have is just too confusing and the recipe I’ve found on the Internet didn’t turn out as I’ve expected. Luckily, there is this pre-packed mixture I’ve found in the supermarket and it always helps me to make it perfectly. I can’t really list this as completely out of the bag because you have to add eggs and mascarpone but still, there is no measuring and adding this and that involved.



Popcorn Photo Credit: notfrancois

Microwave popcorn rock! Now, I’m probably one of the very few ones that like them… or am I? Most of the people I know say that they taste “artificial” and that I’m crazy for liking them. So, what do I find so great about them? Well, first, the corn inside the bag always pops and never burns, which sometimes isn’t the case with regular corn. And second, you get to chose different flavors like butter, cheese and even chocolate, caramel or sugar and cinnamon – something I’ve never managed to successfully add when making regular popcorn.


Fish Sticks

Fish Sticks Photo Credit: Roadsidepictures

I have no idea why they call them fish sticks when there is like 10% of fish and 90% of God-knows-what inside. They still taste great, thought. I’m not sure if they taste better than the real deal because I’ve never tried a homemade fish stick but if it’s anything like the homemade fish pate...

I’m well aware that canned and bagged goodies have more chemicals and calories but I just can’t resist them sometimes, especially during PMS. Do you have a pre-packed guilty pleasure? What is it? Do you often reach for cans and bags or you prefer the real deal?

Top Photo Credit: jcoterhals

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this post is making me hungry :(

Mmm, I agree with the mashed potatoes. Instant mashed potatoes are the best.

Canned soup, I try not to think about the sodium content on each one >.< Homemade soup is so much better (especially when somebody who knows what they are doing made it) but canned soup is so much quicker.

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