7 Foods to Combat Stress ...


7 Foods to Combat Stress ...
7 Foods to Combat Stress ...

With today’s hectic lifestyle, ladies, we’re all bound to get a little stressed sometimes. It’s impossible to be the superwomen we need to be without feeling the pressure every now and then. I’ve done a little research, girls, and I have good news. Your diet can play a role in helping you to stay calm: here’s a list of 7 foods to combat stress.

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When we get stressed, damaging free-radicals run riot in our bodies. These attack pretty much everything and are particularly harmful to the skin, but luckily, eating oranges will help to fight them off. In fact, any Vitamin C packed citrus fruit is a good option here, so stock up on grapefruits and lemons when you’re feeling the pressure.



There is something inherently soothing about porridge and, just for this reason, I think it’s great anti-stress material. But, experts tell us, it has real benefits as well. When we’re anxious, we often crave carbs and this is because they produce the happy hormone, serotonin. While stuffing your face with chips is not such a good idea, a healthy, wholesome bowl of oats will help to relieve stress without adding inches to your waistline.



Blueberries are delicious and jam packed with vitamins. They’re also an excellent snack to nibble on when you’re feeling stressed. Because they’re full of anti-oxidants, they help to fight cortisol, a hormone your body produces when you’re tense and anxious.



Spinach is such an underrated vegetable with about a million-and-one fantastic, healthy benefits. Experts now tell that its high in magnesium and this helps our bodies to fight the effects of stress successfully. Tuck into those leafy greens, ladies; looks like Popeye had it right!



While beef is not really the kind of food you’d expect to find on an anti-stress list, it’s packed with super-effective nutrients that help to relieve tension. High in magic B Vitamins, iron and zinc, it helps to fight of stress causing hormones. Take care to choose a very lean cut though ladies: beef also contains saturated fats.



Nutritionists believe that the magnesium and vitamin C in this delicious Japanese delicacy can really help to fight the symptoms of stress. Sushi is also high in pantothenic acid which helps the all-important adrenal glands to remain robust and healthy. Weakness in this area can lead to sensations of anxiety and feelings of tension, so tuck into a plate of tuna maki rolls, ladies; not only are they tasty and chic, but they’re guaranteed to calm you down.


Dark Chocolate

Chocolate, it seems, is some kind of miracle food. For years, all we ever heard about it was that it’s bad for the waistline, and now, all of a sudden, it turns out to be good for you in almost every single way possible. Chocolate is high in flavanoids, which are great for relieving stress, and it’s also a natural mood enhancer. Plus, ladies – and this is the obvious one that nutritionists don’t mention – it tastes, really, really, really good.

So there we are, girls: 7 foods to combat stress. Do you have any ideas to add? Share them with the rest of us ladies; I’m sure we could all use an antidote to anxiety every now and again.

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