7 Berries You Should Eat ...


Berries are brilliant. Well I think so and nutritionists do too. Berries not only taste pretty good but they are full of anti-oxidants --– those little phytonutrients that work magic against free radicals and are thought to be anti-aging, disease risk preventing and even symptom curing. They are also really easy to eat and most are best as nature intended ---– raw. Here are 7 berries you should eat.

1. Cranberry

These really should be renamed the ladyberry because many a woman swears by them when it comes to problems with the urinary tract. It’s quite often a sign that when a woman sticks a carton of cranberry juice in the fridge at work, she’s suffering from cystitis. The next time you buy a mouthwash, you might find it contains a compound from the cranberry - proanthocyanidine because it prevents plaque formation on teeth.

Goji Berry
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