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Numerous testimonies and such are given each year for various foods that are supposed to be excellent for you. Plenty of reputable studies exist showing the following foods to be beneficial in many ways. Here are 7 superfoods to add to your diet, whether you are trying to lose weight or just want to start eating healthier.

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Eggs Photo Credit: Lazenby43

For a healthy dose of 12 minerals and vitamins, eggs are the perfect source. They are very inexpensive and can be prepared in numerous ways. These compact protein-rich sources of nourishment also contain choline, which is excellent for maintaining brain function and keeping your memory sharp.



Blueberries Photo Credit: Blondieyooper

Most berries will provide you with lots of low-calorie goodness, but blueberries are at the top of the list for containing the most antioxidants. They are also very easy to obtain and sold at grocery stores during the winter too. These Wonder Berries have also shown potential for slowing down the aging process, aiding in the reduction of stomach fat, dissolve bad cholesterol, and improve digestion. Even though blueberries taste great when used in pies and pancakes, they are more beneficial when eaten fresh.


Whole Grains

Photo Credit: culinarymasterclass.com

Wild rice, buckwheat, quinoa, millet, barley, whole wheat, and oats are all great whole grains to incorporate into your daily intake of foods. Plenty of breads and cereals are made from whole grains; even snacking on popcorn will give you a good dose. Whole grains also lower the risk factors for Type II diabetes.



Nuts Photo Credit: Nutsinbulk

As a snack food, nuts are one of the easiest items to have on hand. They are high in fiber, fats that are good for your heart, protein, and antioxidants. With the large variety of nuts available at most grocery stores it should be easy to find at least one type that you enjoy. Pistachios even contain plant stanols, which are chemical compounds used to aid in the reduction of bad cholesterol. These compounds can help a person lower their cholesterol level by as much as 15 percent.



Photo Credit: ourhomeremedies.com

These tiny morsels are packed with both soluble and insoluble fiber, protein, and carbohydrates. Mix these with rice and you’ll be able to get the perfect daily amount of protein. The soluble fiber in beans aids the body in waste elimination and makes you feel fuller longer. The insoluble fiber portion of beans reduces cholesterol levels, which is always a good thing whether you have heart issues already or not.


Fish High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Photo Credit: freshlyfrozenfish.com

Halibut, sardines, mackerel, salmon, lake trout, albacore tuna, and herring all are on the list of fish containing high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Grilling the fish will prevent any addition of unhealthy fats, which are often added to fish when it is fried. If you can’t tolerate fish, then try consuming lots of products with ground flaxseed in them. This is another great source of omega-3 fatty acid.



Yogurt Photo Credit: thefatlossauthority.com

Plain yogurt is filled with calcium and helpful bacteria that aids the digestive system. Protein, potassium, and stanols can all be found in yogurt of all flavors. If you can’t stand the taste of plain yogurt, mix some honey with it or fresh fruit. Purchase plain yogurt that is fortified with vitamin D if possible. Try to stay away from yogurts with additional sugar or synthetic sweeteners.

I personally like all of the foods mentioned above. Out of this list, which of the 7 superfoods to add to your diet do you try to make sure to eat on a regular basis?

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yogurt = celulite

Yogurt is great for your digestion, and prevents yeast infection in women on antibiotics.

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