9 Things That Are Really Good for You ...


9 Things That Are Really Good for You ...
9 Things That Are Really Good for You ...

Things that Are Really Good for You run the gamut from being healthy to pampering yourself. It's no surprise that staying fit physically, taking your vitamins and drinking plenty of water are all things that are really good for you. It's a no-brainer, right? But there are plenty of other things that are good for you that get overlooked and often side-stepped because of lack of time, or some other excuse. And some of these things may be totally new info to you! I know I was surprised myself to learn some of these tips, so I'm excited to share them with you. I know you'll love them just as much as I do. They are fabulous, cool and inspiring ideas to get you motivated into doing things that are really good for you! Are you ready to discover what you're not doing that you SHOULD be doing? Well, here's 9 things that are really good for you!

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Getting Active

Yea, yea, we all know to hit up the gym! Problem is, most of us just DON'T! My husband is in the military, and we have a huge gym at our disposal. Because of what he is required to do, he has to maintain a certain level of fitness. I'm happy to say he drags my butt to the gym and motivates me to work out and run with him on a weekly basis. But not everybody has a "personal trainer" or a free gym at their disposal. But the good news is you don't need a gym to get active! Take a walk or a jog through the park. Do ab crunches and push ups in the morning before work. Go to a karaoke bar with your girlfriends and dance your butt off. But whatever you do, DO something to stay active!


Eating Real Food

Eating healthy food is definitely on the list of things that are really good for you. I know it can be difficult to find the time to prepare healthy meals and snacks with todays hectic, busy work and school schedules. Between balancing all that out with the gym, your relationships and doctor and hair appointments, it's no wonder most of us resort to McDonald's on the go! But it's time you start MAKING time to eat real, good-for-you food. All that fast food can lead to weight gain, break-outs, stress, low energy and dull skin and hair. If you absolutely HAVE to, skip the cheeseburgers and get salads or lean chicken sandwiches. Even soup and tacos, or grilled fish is a better option then burgers and fries and coke. As for snacks? You can snack on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole wheat crackers, granola bars and dry cereal with minimal to no prep time.


Sleeping Enough

Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial to your health and well-being. Many women these days are skimping out on their sleep because they have so many other things demanding their time and dedication. Make some time to fit in a catnap or get to bed earlier to get a few more precious hours of sleep. Your body will thank you, and your bright eyes will be much more ready to face another long day!


Basking in the Sunlight

Some things that are really good for you come as a surprise! The sun provides us with vitamin D, something that is essential to keeping us in a happy mood. Without it, our stress levels and moodiness will soar completely out of proportion! If you find yourself trapped indoors all day long with no sun exposure, it's time to fix that! Eat outside or near a window on your lunch break or sneak in a quick morning jog before work. Experts say that it only takes 10-15 minutes of sun exposure without SPF blocking the way per day to get your sufficient dose of Vitamin D, so hop to it!


Connecting with Others

Here's the honest, up close and personal truth: We are human beings. Surprise! Of course you already knew that, but do you realize what it means? It means that whether we realize it or not, we crave human connection. And we need it! Sending a text or shooting and email to your loved ones is okay, but eventually you need human contact. So, schedule in some cuddle time with your honey, a walk with your brother and lunch with your best friend. Kiss a baby, hug your Grandma and play with your kids. Make a connection!


Ditching the Pill

While it's a good idea to use some form of birth control if you're not trying to have kids, it's a bad idea to use the pill. Wanna know why? The pill has so many hormones in it that you are injecting yourself full of libido-lowering, energy-reducing and anxiety-riddled buzzkills. The pill can also be partially to blame for the extra 10 pounds you've put on in the last few months and your high stress levels. Turn to other forms of birth control such as a copper IUD, condoms, or diaphragm. Also check with your doctor to see what he recommends.


Making Time to Relax

One of the things that are really good for you is making sure you have time to relax. And I mean really relax! It's not just sleep that modern women are missing out on. With schedules that are stretched to the max, good old regular, no-fuss relaxation has gotten pushed to the back burner, and in many cases completely crossed off the list of important things to do. It's no wonder so many women suffer from nervous breakdowns, are very emotional and can't seem to hold it together half of the time! Don't fall into this criteria. Make sure you are making time for yourself to relax and unwind after a long day. Take a bubble bath, eat a quiet dinner while you listen to soft music, or treat yourself to a massage. You deserve it!


Have a Bad Attitude

Ok, I know some of you out there are wondering "What in the world?"! But here's a shocker for you: Having a bad attitude every now and then can actually HELP you! As women, we have certain times of the month that our bodies produce extra amounts of hormones. And with that comes some natural moodiness! You can't be expected to be happy and chirpy all the time, so allow yourself to have a down day. You don't have to grown at everyone who looks your way, but don't beat yourself up for feeling a little down or a little hormonal. After all it's natural! And once you get it out of your system, you'll feel much better! It's kind of like a natural venting system!


Party Hardy

There's no surprise that letting loose and having a good time is one of the things that are really good for you. But here's the catch-you have to do it the right way! Partying all night long and missing sleep or drinking till you pass out are not good options! Neither is smoking or getting stoned. But you don't need those thing to have a swell time! Grab your girlfriends and get together a fabulous dance party! Serve some punch and delicious chocolate brownies and hire a great DJ. You will have more fun than you would if you were out drinking and the best part? You will remember it all the next day!

These 9 things that are really good for you will really help boost your mood, your health and your attitude if you give them a try! You only have one body so it's best to take care of it! What are some things that are really good for you that you can think of? Please comment below, we'd love to hear your ideas of a good time! After all, there are lots of things that are really good for you, and some of them are quite individualistic! Thanks for stopping by and reading my article today!

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why is the doctor necessarily a he?

All good suggestions, but why are the days "shorter" now than ever before? There just isn't enough time to do all the things we all are wishing to accomplish....or is this only my opinion?

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