8 Foods That Make You Hotter ...

You already know that eating the right food can improve your health, give you more energy and increase your chances of buying a smaller pair of jeans. But did you also know that there are certain foods that make you hotter? Yes, research has discovered nutrients that make you more attractive, and within a matter of days! I don't know about you, but I'm in! Want to find out which foods make you hotter? Keep reading this article, and you'll be able to stuff your face with 8 foods that make you hotter! And believe me, this time you won't feel guilty!

1. Kiwi

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Do you crave smooth, firm, elastic skin? Start munching on kiwis! Kiwis are packed with vitamin C which slows down the aging process by stimulating collagen production. It won't happen overnight of course, but I promise that if you start eating kiwis regularly it won't take long for you to start noticing your extra beautiful skin. And all because of a tiny green hairy fruit. Who knew!

2. Green Beans

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I know many people who shudder at the thought of green beans, but I can't imagine why! Green beans are a food that will make you hotter! Silicon will make your hair stronger and thicker and more luscious looking, and green beans are packed with silicon! Not to be confused with silicone, silicon is good for you. Take frozen green beans to work and zap 'em in the microwave for a low cal snack!

3. Watercress

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Wanna glow like the sun? Well, who doesn't! Start munching on watercress which is teaming with antioxidants and iron and you will start to notice brighter skin! Antioxidants reduce inflammation and reduce pore size, and iron ups the glow factor. Watercress tastes great in a salad or in Chinese food, so don't hesitate to order that takeout. Just sprinkle one of the 8 foods that make you hotter on and enjoy!

4. Apples

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An apple a day keeps the doctor AND the dentist away! Apples are crunchy and have been shown to actually buff away stains on your teeth left by coffee, tea and red wine. So go ahead and enjoy your beverages guilt-free. Just follow up with an apple and let them all wonder in amazement how you do it!

5. Eggs

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Yes, eggs are one of the foods that make you hotter! If you suffer from weak, thin nails, then start adding more eggs to your diet. Eggs are rich in biotin which is a nutrient responsible for giving your nails super strength. So have 'em scrambled, poached, over easy, whatever your thing is, but make sure you have them!

6. Pumpkin Seeds

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Does your face have those evil little dots we call acne all over it? Well, down pumpkin seeds a few times a week and watch in amazement as they vanish away! Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc and a recent research has shown that those who suffer from acne tend to be zinc deficient. Aim for a few tablespoons of pumpkin seeds a day and you're on the track to clearer skin!

7. Spinach

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Want those peepers to pop? Add some spinach into your diet and clear the area of anything flammable! You are going to be smokin' after eating this food that makes you hotter! Not only will your eyes appear brighter and whiter but you will be helping protect them too. And hey, you might run into Popeye in the spinach aisle. I'm sure he could give you some different ideas of how to fix your spinach!

8. Flaxseed

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Ban dry scaly patches of skin forever! Omega-3 fatty acids which hydrate skin and keep it soft and smooth are overflowing from flaxseed. Not sure how to eat it? You can drizzle flaxseed oil on salad, add a tablespoon of ground flaxseed to your oatmeal or yogurt, or bake it into cookies or muffins. Yum yum!

Of course chocolate didn't make it on this list, but here's an extra one for you: Cocoa has been proven to fight cancer so don't hesitate to chomp into a dark chocolate bar when you get the urge. See? I told you that you wouldn't feel guilty! Which one of these foods are you going to add to your diet?

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