8 Yummy Quick Fix Breakfasts for Women ...


8 Yummy Quick Fix Breakfasts for Women ...
8 Yummy Quick Fix Breakfasts for Women ...

Some of the quick fix breakfasts suggestions here can literally change your life. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet so many choose to skip it because they don’t have the time to put something together before rushing out to work or school. Well, no excuses any more. You have 8 alternatives here and all of them are healthy and delicious.

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Most of us have this not so great memory of oatmeal thanks to it being a stable breakfast item when we were growing up. Thankfully there are some awesome ways to make your oatmeal really delicious. You can add a variety of toppings like fresh berries, some cinnamon, a sliced banana and even some nuts. It is an excellent choice for a quick fix breakfast.


Healthy Pancakes

Healthy pancakes – the two words don’t usually go together. The fact is pancakes are always delicious and if you replace some of the unhealthy ingredients like flour with some healthy ones like whole grains, you can actually allow yourself the luxury of pancakes a couple of days a week.



Smoothies are an excellent way to fill your stomach while at the same time providing you with some vital nutrients and minerals to kick start your day. Choose one or two of your favorite fruits; add some skim milk and a dash of honey. Pop everything in the blender and there you have a well-balanced meal in a tall refreshing smoothie. You can add a little oomph to the drink with a little protein shake powder.


Boiled or Poached Eggs with Some Toast

Eggs have always been a favorite breakfast item so there’s no reason you can’t have them once or twice a week. If you want to stay healthy, try boiling them or poaching them and serve with some whole grain toast topped by a healthy spread. If you really want to watch your cholesterol, then just eat the egg whites.


Fresh Fruit Salad

Fruits are delicious and an excellent idea for a quick fix breakfast. There’s nothing easier than cutting a banana, apple, orange, few pieces of watermelon and chomping on them before heading out to work. If you have a good sized bowl, it will keep you satiated well into lunch time and the sugar will give you just the boost you need to kick start your day.


Spinach Egg White Omelet

Spinach is an extremely healthy vegetable and when you combine it with some healthy egg whites, you will have before you an extremely nutritious, not to mention delicious meal. You can use packaged egg white and frozen spinach if you’re short of time.


French Toast

French toast is always a hot favorite on the breakfast table. If you use skim milk and whole grain bread, you will find that it’s a healthy dish as well. You can soak the bread the night before and in the morning; all you have to do is quickly fry it with a little oil.


Home Made Muffins

The muffins you get at your favorite coffee place look delectable but don’t for one second assume they are healthy. If you really want to have a healthy muffin, make it yourself over the weekend. There are scores of recipes online to choose from. Before work, heat it up and enjoy your quick fix breakfast.

So now that you have 8 suggestions for delicious and nutritious quick fix breakfasts, there shouldn’t be any reason why you skip breakfast. So good luck and happy eating.

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Can you do a post about the best muffins recipes please ? Ur post was amazing !x

Love the breakfast ideas, can't wait till my next breakfast, must try some of these

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