7 Foods to Make with Eggnog ...


7 Foods to Make with Eggnog ...
7 Foods to Make with Eggnog ...

I love eggnog so much. As soon as it starts appearing on the shelves, I start buying it – and ultimately get tired of it, and wind up with a surplus of eggnog. I hate the thought of wasting it, so I found some surprising foods that can use eggnog as an ingredient. I can't wait to start looking up recipes as well!

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Muffins Photo Credit: Sunshine Hanan

Can you imagine eggnog muffins? From what I can see, they are incredibly moist, not to mention festive, and they have that distinctive taste without being overwhelming. I can only imagine how many muffin or cupcake flavors the eggnog will enhance.



Pancakes Photo Credit: Kevin Logan Photography

This one isn't so surprising, but it is delicious. You have to be careful with the balance when you're making your pancake mix, but it's not really that difficult. These kinds of pancakes are ideal for holiday breakfasts and brunches. Of course, they aren't the best choice if you're trying to start a diet or anything.


French Toast

French Toast Photo Credit: mooshee85

This is another delicious eggnog based breakfast food. Eggnog French Toast is absolutely scrumptious. You have to add a lot of 'nog if you're looking for that signature taste, though. The batter is thicker as well, so keep that in mind when you are soaking your bread.



Bread Photo Credit: doitsunosensei

Speaking of which, I had no idea you could use eggnog to make actual bread, but apparently you can! There are dozens of sweet and/or dessert bread recipes that will give you a chance to use your leftover eggnog. So … eggnog bread used to make eggnog French Toast. I think I just had a foodgasm.


Rice Pudding

Now, I am just a little bit iffy about this one, so if anyone has tried this or has a recipe they would like to share, please let me know! On the one hand, I can see where it would taste good. On the other, I am not sure if it would mix well with the traditional ingredients that go in rice pudding. Then again, it is entirely possible that eggnog makes everything better, no matter what it is.



Cake Photo Credit: StevenBrisson {super busy}

I can totally see this, although as with the muffins, I imagine you have to be careful about what kind of cake you make – unless of course you are making a straight up eggnog cake. Once more, I am going to mooch for recipes or reviews: has anyone ever tried this before?



Cheesecake Photo Credit: jazrulfuad

I don't even know what to say here. I am this close to drooling over my keyboard. And yet, I have to wonder … would eggnog taste good with cream cheese? Then again, very few things cannot be successfully made into cheesecake. I might have to try this one just to experiment. You know, I can just call it research. If I don't like it, I have a cocker spaniel who will eat anything, even paper towels.

I love finding new recipes, I'm going to have to start looking right away. It's always awesome when you find out something you love can be used in other foods. So seriously, do any of you have any tips on getting rid of leftover eggnog?

Top Photo Credit: elana's pantry

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