7 Ways to Spice up Your Coffee ...


7 Ways to Spice up Your Coffee ...
7 Ways to Spice up Your Coffee ...

I just love a good cup of hot steaming coffee or cappuccino on a crisp fall morning to warm me up! I don't like my coffee black; for me, the sweeter the better! Here are my 7 favorite ways to spice up my coffee and make it yummy-licious!

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Add Caramel

Add Caramel Photo Credit: cheezemaster

Mmmmm! Caramel coffee, oh so sweet and irresistible! It will melt right into your coffee and be a dreamy, creamy blend of early morning splendor! You could use caramel ice cream topping or caramel chunks and let them sit at the bottom of your coffee cup and slowly melt into your coffee.


Flavored Creams

Flavored Creams Photo Credit: Scorpions and Centaurs

Coffeemate has so many different choices and flavors of cream to pick from! Pumpkin Spice, French Vanilla, Cinnamon Swirl, and Hot Cocoa are just a few of the choices to pick from. You can't go wrong with your taste buds on this one!


Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon Sticks Photo Credit: Martha's Kitchen

Stir your coffee with a cinnamon stick and it will add a zap of instant cheer! Plus the cinnamon stick just looks so festive and jolly in your cup. It will warm you right down to your toes on a chilly fall morning or on a cozy night cuddled up with a good book!


Sweetened Condensed Milk

Sweetened Condensed Milk Photo Credit: waynesaggers.com

Don't take your coffee black, or even with milk! Instead, try sweetened condensed milk! It's so creamy and sweet you will get addicted! I love the flavor it gives my coffee and I have to say that this is my favorite way to take it. You only need a couple of teaspoons per cup and you're set! You may not even need sugar or cream, depending on how sweet your tooth is.


Cream of Coconut

Cream of Coconut Photo Credit: sunshinemomsblog

Coconut cream will add an exotic flair to your coffee and strengthen the flavor. You can buy it in the can, or in a bottle with sweeteners already added. If you choose the canned format, you will need to add sugar or sweeteners to your coffee because coconut milk is very creamy but not very sweet.


Add Hot Cocoa

Add Hot Cocoa Photo Credit: daveleb

For those of you who crave chocolate, you have got to try this! Add cocoa powder or a package of instant hot chocolate mix to our coffee and stir it in well. Or you could melt down pure chocolate and pour it into your coffee! Either way it will satisfy your chocolate rush and give you a morning boost!!


Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans Photo Credit: Martinca

Buy your own beans and grinder and grind your coffee fresh each day! You will be surprised by how much sharper the flavor is and how much better tasting it is altogether. It's much healthier to grind your own beans because they are all natural and you don't have all the preservatives that you would get in instant coffee.

With all the specialty coffee stores out there now, a lot of people just get their coffee on the run each morning. But don't miss a chance to experiment and invent your own unique flavor or coffee blend just for you! It's as much fun as tasty! Which is your favorite coffee idea?

Top Photo Credit: Wolfgang Bartelme

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Add some chocolate.

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