7 Tasty Things to Add to Your Coffee ...


7 Tasty Things to Add to Your Coffee ...
7 Tasty Things to Add to Your Coffee ...

Oh, coffee, the elixir of life! I love coffee, even more than I love tacos. I dream about coffee, more than I ever did about Brad Pitt or finding a boyfriend as magnificent as Jake from “Sixteen Candles.” I especially adore adding things to my coffee to make it tastier, and if you, my dear, are a coffee-lover too, keep reading! Here are 7 tasty things to add to your coffee… yum!

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Flavored Creamer

Photo Credit: aisleate.com
Coffee-Mate makes more than a dozen yummy flavors of non-dairy creamer to add to your coffee, but my favorite is the Chocolate Cream or the French Vanilla. I’ve even added Coffee-Mate on Facebook so I can be aware when they make special seasonal or new flavors.


Flavored Syrup

Flavored Syrup Photo Credit: cheaptoranisyrup.co.cc

Torani and DaVinci make regular and sugar-free coffee flavor syrups that range from standard (chocolate or hazelnut) to downright bizarre (blueberry? Really?). The syrups can be used to flavor carbonated water, too, so having them on hand to add to your coffee in winter, and to your mixed drinks in summer is a swell idea.


Hot Chocolate

Photo Credit: moxieq.com

Half coffee, half hot chocolate… sounds yummy, doesn’t it? It’s not really a mocha latte, it’s much more wimpy than that since it doesn’t have espresso in it. Trust me, though, it’s delicious, though it still does have a lot of caffeine in it.


Mint and Chocolate

Mint and Chocolate Photo Credit: us.monin.com

If you liked the coffee and cocoa blend, try adding a little mint syrup or even a candy cane (for the holidays, you know) for a little extra kick. The combination is very Junior Mints, and I love it, especially during the snowy winter months.



Cinnamon Photo Credit: naturalbecomesher.com

I’m not sure how I ended up trying cinnamon in my coffee the first time, but I love it! Sprinkle a little right in your cup, or use a cinnamon stick as a coffee stirrer to get the flavor. Some coffee beans even come pre-blended with cinnamon. How convenient!


Irish Cream Liqueur

Irish Cream Liqueur Photo Credit: alibaba.com

Now on to a very grown-up coffee additive! This is another one that’s particularly tasty during the holidays, but feel free to try it anytime. Simply add a capful (or perhaps more!) to a cup of coffee for more warmth… it’s also fun to bring a thermos of Bailey’s and coffee to a late fall football game, if it’s allowed.


Orange-flavored Liqueur

Orange-flavored Liqueur Photo Credit: thetased.wordpress.com

One of my favorite treats ever is a Terry’s chocolate orange, so once in a while, I’ll add a little orange liqueur (like Grand Marnier) to my coffee or my coffee and cocoa. It’s a very rich flavor, and not everyone likes it, but give it a go!

With so many delicious things to add to your coffee, you may never drink it plain again! Not that there’s anything wrong with black coffee… mmm… but which of these coffee additions do you like best? Or is there one I left off my list? Do tell!
Top image source: data.whicdn.com

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