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7 Energy Drinks That Actually Help ...

By Aprille

It’s time to get energy and I’m going to tell you the energy drinks that work! Most energy drinks will crash you or even make you even more tired. Don’t be tricked, because there is a selective few that work. Let me tell you 7 Energy Drinks That Actually Help …

7 Monster

MonsterPhoto Credit: novatrust

This isn’t my first choice, but it works if I can find my leading brand. They taste good and they don’t have a crash afterwards. However, they might be the cheaper brand and come in the tall container. Try to drink half of it and save the rest for later.

6 Nos Energy Drink

Nos Energy DrinkPhoto Credit: TheFoodJunk

This energy drink comes in a Nos looking bottle. This is easy to drink and has a tart taste. Not the greatest tasting drink in the world, but it does its thing and gives loads of energy. I never crashed after drinking this and it’s hard to find.


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5 Rockstar

RockstarPhoto Credit: james healey photography

Rockstar has a good tasting energy drink that provides a good amount of energy. No downfall for this brand of drink and it’s easy to find. You also don’t get tired after using it.

4 5 Hour Energy Drink

5 Hour Energy DrinkPhoto Credit: Jo & Joey for TUAPA

I had my droughts about this energy drink and wondered if it was any good. So I went and tried it. I was surprised with the energy and how long it worked. No crashes or even tiredness. In fact it worked past its 5 hours. Acquired taste of course, but works.

3 Full Throttle

Full ThrottlePhoto Credit: stechico

Full throttle is one of my favorite and don’t cost much to drink. The taste is good and provides a good long lasting amount of energy. You will find full throttle at almost any grocery store and it comes in two servings. You should always drink one half and then the next the day after.

2 Amp

Amp is an alternative to mountain dew. This Drink really works for me. They have the new Amp orange juice that taste real good and gives energy. They have a big can as well and should be drunk in two servings.

1 Red Bull

Red BullPhoto Credit: Urban Woodswalker

Red bull destroys all these other energy drinks and do you want to know why? It comes in different sizes and it taste good! You also have a neat commercial that promotes it! I never crash when I drink these and I can drink one every time I feel the effects ware off.

Energy drinks should never be used in other alcoholic drinks and medications. You should always follow the instructions and you won’t have crashes. You also should drink one per day or week to avoid problems. If your sensitive to caffeine, you need to avoid energy drinks altogether. Do you drink these energy drink brands?

Top Photo Credit: RikiLeRoi

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