7 Good Drinks to Quench Your Thirst ...

On a hot day or after working outside for a long period of time, there’s nothing better than a nice cool drink of something refreshing. Here are 7 good drinks to quench your thirst. They are good even on a cool autumn day, since they are so tasty. Hope you get the chance to try at least one of these drinks.

7. Cherry Limeade

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The trick to good cherry limeade is to not substitute lemonade for the lime juice. Use fresh or bottled lime juice, just so long as you have about three-fourths of a cup. Mix in a cup of sugar, 2 liters of chilled carbonated lime water, and a half cup of maraschino cherry juice. I usually add the whole maraschino cherries to each glass when I’m serving the cherry limeade, otherwise they are let rolling around the bottom of the pitcher.

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