7 Carbonated Beverage Alternatives ...


7 Carbonated Beverage Alternatives ...
7 Carbonated Beverage Alternatives ...

With an increase in summer heat we all need a little boost in hydration. But why go for those carbonated and sugar filled soda pops when you could have something non-carbonated and refreshing? Here's a list of delicious drinks to replace your carbonated needs this summer.

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Lemonade Photo Credit: beth retro

That's right, good old fashioned lemonade. Whether it's from a stand or fresh squeezed it's the perfect beverage for summer. Just remember, those bottled lemonades tend to be filled with sugar so try and make your own with real lemon juice whenever you can!


Fresh Fruit Juice

Fresh Fruit Juice Photo Credit: Margot-

Bust out the juicer, it's summer time! Make yourself some orange juice, enjoy some apple juice, buy yourself some pomegranate juice. Any which way you do it, enjoy it!



Tea Photo Credit: yoshiko314

Whether it's iced, hot, green, black or barley, tea is delicious. It's got natural caffeine for a little boost of natural energy and it's incredibly refreshing. Just remember to avoid teas like Brisk if you're going for a more natural drink.


Sports Drinks

Sports Drinks Photo Credit: ATHLETE Director Dave

Sports drinks are great for high heat days. They're filled with electrolytes and they hydrate you very quickly. They're also readily available. Just about every gas station, mom and pop shop, and convenience store carries some kind of energy drink.



Milk Photo Credit: Matt?!

Milk builds strong bones, it has a lot of calcium and it's so good for you! Grab a glass and get that mustache. If you're really going for the health card, try fat free milk, it's a lot better for you than whole milk!


Veggie Juice

Veggie Juice Photo Credit: Kimberly Shaw Graphics

Get a couple of those recommended five serving of vegetables in juice form. Carrot juice, tomato juice, all of it's healthy. Go ahead and show your body a little appreciation!



Water Photo Credit: Dang Hwoang Nguyen

Good old fashioned H2O. It comes from a tap, a bottle, a rain cloud, a spring or a stream. Anyway you want it, drink it. Your body needs about 64 ounces a day. So drink up! And if you can't stomach drinking just plain old water, buy a flavor packet and spice it up a little.

Well ladies hopefully you've found a drink that you like on this list. So go ahead, put down that soda and pick up a bottle of... well anything else! Anything that's non-carbonated that you think should be on the list? Let me know down below!

Top Photo Credit: DaDaAce

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I usually drink sodas, not for the taste, but because I love the cold carbonation. So, what I do to replace that is put some club soda in my fruit juices so that I still get the fizzy, without all of that sugar. But I must say, living in the south, iced tea is a MUST. If you're in the south too, yes you'll be drinking sweet tea.. but maybe it's still good for those in other states.

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