7 Low-Cal Flavor Boosters ...


7 Low-Cal Flavor Boosters ...
7 Low-Cal Flavor Boosters ...

We all wish we could shed a pound or two, but no one wants to loose them at the sacrifice of taste? It may be easy to ditch the Twinkies and Ding Dongs, but who is ready to give up flavor? Not me! After a little research, and doing a little of my own experimenting, I’ve come up with a few flavor enhancing ingredients that won’t add extra calories to your diet. Keep reading to find out what I’ve tried.

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Mustard Adds a Tangy Flavor

Mustard Adds a Tangy Flavor Photo Credit: Dusty Pixel

Mustard is very low in calories, but high in sharp flavor. Try it in egg salad. Add a small amount to your coleslaw. Pour a little over potato slices before you roast them.


Chicken Broth Adds Delicious Savor

Chicken Broth Adds Delicious Savor Photo Credit: myveggiekitchen

Chicken broth has a mere 10 calories per cup! I use this to cook my green beans with, and skip the bacon grease. I also use this to cook potatoes in, whether I plan to mash them or simply boil them. Flavor without so much butter and milk!


Sweet Pickle Relish

Sweet Pickle Relish Photo Credit: maidenusa

Cucumbers squash the build up of stomach fat! You can add relish to onions and green peppers, sauté them, and serve it with grilled meat. I add a little relish to my baked beans, deviled eggs, and even tuna fish.



Coffee Photo Credit: (Erik)

Coffee has caffeine, and caffeine curbs your appetite for about 3 hours. Plus, coffee, minus cream and sugar, is virtually calorie free. Add a cup to chocolate cake mix, in place of a cup of plain water. You can add it to barbeque sauce, too.


Tomato Paste Adds a Hardy Flavor

Tomato Paste Adds a Hardy Flavor Photo Credit: Elwira W.

You can use this vegetable paste to reduce the stress hormone that stores fat! Add it to caramelized onions, vegetable soup, and spaghetti sauce. Put a spoonful in meatloaf for a tasty zing.


Lemon Peeling Zest

Lemon Peeling Zest Photo Credit: laurenlemon

The acids in lemons cause your body to burn carbohydrates! I like to put a little zest in my cheesecakes, puddings, and homemade rice pudding. If you use vinaigrette, add a little zest to it for a tangy zip.


Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade Photo Credit: ßlϋeωãvε

Spread on chicken while you grill. Adds yummy flavor for very few calories!

Do you have a favorite low cal flavor booster? Which one do you like the best?

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