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7 Healthy Great-tasting Alternatives to Soda Pops ...

By Jelena

Who doesn’t like sodas!? They are tasty, sweet, bubbly… add a bag of chips and a great movie to that equation and there’s my definition of a perfectly spent evening indoors. But, you know how they say – all the good stuff are either full of calories or against the law and soda pops are no exception. However, I’ve found some pretty cool recipes for healthy, tasty beverages that could help us all lay off soda and finally get rid of those last, stubborn 5 pounds. So, these are the 7 recipes I use and like the most, hope you will like them too.

1 Green Tea

Green Tea Photo Credit: Robert S. Donovan

First up – a healthy, calorie free drink to help you warm up and stay fit this winter! I prefer cold drinks so my choice would be the DIY green ice-tea with just a little bit of honey and a few mint leaves. It tastes much better than those bland ice teas from the supermarket, plus it has no artificial aromas or hidden sugars. Want more good news? Green tea actually helps you lose weight and detoxify so you are not just cutting down on soda pops and calories, you are investing in your health, cleaning your body and doing something to reduce cholesterol levels!

2 Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juice

Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juice Photo Credit: Food Thinkers

Get some of your favourite fruits and have fun making your own 100% fruit, sugar-free, healthy juices. My favourite tropical mix is orange, kiwi and lemon juice – it looks kind of weird, mushy and brownish but, hey, the coke is black and nobody ever doubted its taste! Now, if you don’t have time for experimenting you can always get a bottled 100% fruit juice, put it in the fridge and have a tasty, healthy drink whenever you want.

3 Healthy Strawberry Granita

Healthy Strawberry Granita Photo Credit: Mrs. Gemstone

Now, the original “Granita” is basically frozen fruit- flavoured syrup and, although I really love it, the only thing low in sugar and calories about it is the glass in which it is served. However, my fiancé has his own recipe for this drink and I have to admit it’s much healthier and it does taste almost like the real thing. He fills up the blender with fresh strawberries and ice and adds a teaspoon of honey per person. Seriously, that’s it! The blender does the rest of the work and the end result is this delicious, refreshing, vitamin-rich smoothie we can’t live without.

4 Sparkling Water, Lime

Sparkling Water, Lime Photo Credit: RHiNO NEAL

I don’t know about you, but I can definitely say that the only two things that kept me going back to sodas are the sweet bubbles and that feeling of drinking them. And the biggest breakthrough was realizing I don’t have to give them up in order to reduce my calorie intake. Now, mixing sparkling water and lime does create a refreshing drink but, if you are a sugar junkie like me, I’m sure you are wondering where the darn sugar is. Well, you can treat yourself with a pinch of brown sugar, a drop of sweetener or browse the local healthy food shops for a natural, herbal sweetener – a plant called stevia.

5 Coffee

Coffee Photo Credit: rudolf_schuba

Normal black coffee with no sugar, cream or milk has no fat and just a few calories so, if this is exactly how you prefer yours, feel free to opt for it instead of the sugary, calorie-rich soda. And don’t worry, as long as you don’t drink more than 3cups per day, your coffee drinking habit is a healthy one! This popular drink will help you stay alert and it reduces the risk of many cardiovascular diseases.

6 Flavored Water

Flavored Water Photo Credit:**Aina**

You can get it in the supermarket or prepare a homemade sugar-free version, it all depends on you. Do-It-Yourself version is much healthier because you get to pick the ingredients in order make sure your drink is as healthy, tasty and low in calories as it can be. Use regular mineral water or sparkling one and add fresh fruits, fruit flavors, mint leaves or even vegetables.

7 Home Made Soda Pop

Home Made Soda Pop Photo Credit: slambo_42

Being creative and mixing your own soda pops will save you a lot of calories. You can get some of the ready-made mixtures or experiment with different syrups, Kool-Aid, or sparkling water. It won't be as healthy and sugar-free as a fruit juice but it sure saves you from those extra calories and chemicals regular sodas are full of.

Have you tried any of these recipes or do you have your own soda pop alternative? I never believed I could give up sodas and it did feel a bit strange at first but I actually feel proud for being able to get rid of this habit now. What about you ladies? Sodas VS. Healthy replacements? You tell me.

Top Photo Credit: brwoodland

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