8 Tea Infusions You Have to Try ...


8 Tea Infusions You Have to Try ...
8 Tea Infusions You Have to Try ...

Girls, I love tea. It’s such a diverse and versatile hot beverage, and can be anything from soothing to refreshing, relaxing to energising –not to mention just downright tasty! It’s healthier by far than coffee, with less caffeine per cup, and certain blends are packed with loads of great things to leave you feeling great. Here’s alist of my 8 favourite blends, ladies; give them a try!

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Chai tea is delicious. A warm, spicy and aromatic brew, it’s usually made with a blend of White Ayurvedic and Samurai Chai. What’s more, ladies, it’s super healthy, and chock-a-block with antioxidants to fight nasty free-radicals, and energy to keep you perky throughout the day!



Rooibos is a fantastic caffeine-free South Africa tea blend. It’s out-of-this-world refreshing, girls, and so good for you too. It aids digestion, helps to keep your skin firm and clear and it’s also rich in antioxidants. Buy it blended with blueberries, or stir a teaspoon of honey for the ultimate in tea-drinking pleasure!


Tropical Pineapple

This is delicious juicy drink, and it just tastes like a summer morning. Bright golden in colour and made with orange blossom and real chunks of candied pineapple, it’s bursting with juicy flavours and a whole host of essential vitamins as well.


Earl Grey

I know, girls, this one’s a little boring, but Early Grey really is one of my all-time favourites. I love the way it recalls simple black breakfast tea, but with a little extra twang that makes all the difference. Brew it for around 3 or 4 minutes till it’s a rich, strong colour, and enjoy!


Argentinean Maté

This is a great, tasty tea that I’ve only recently sampled. It’s made from Argentina’s maté plant, and it’s a natural source of energy. What’s more, ladies, studies have show the tea has a whole range of health benefits and could even lower you cholesterol and decrease chances of cancer. It’s really good blended with fruity">https://www.allwomenstalk.com/8-tea-infusions-you-have-to-try/"> infusions –try the raspberry variation; yum!


Jasmine Green Tea

This one’s become a bit of a modern classic, and I’d really a big fan. Jasmine Green tea is so good for you, girls. It’s packed with antioxidants and could even help to regulate your blood sugar. It’s also great for the digestive system, contains around 5 % of the caffeine that you find in a cup of coffee and boosts the immune system as well. Infused with jasmine to promote relaxation, this beverage feels like a spa treatment in a mug!


Strawberry White

White tea is something of an acquired taste, but girls, once you’re used to it, you really start to appreciate its interesting flavours. This is the least processed of all teas, and it also contains the least caffeine. Among its health benefits, whiteinfusions count anti aging and energy boosting, and mixed with the tasty sweetness of dried strawberry, it’s also a source of antioxidants.


Vanilla Oolong

Oolong teas are commonly known as weight-loss infusions because they are supposed to speed up the metabolism and help to burn fat. Girls, I’m not so sure about that but this tasty variation is spicy, sweet and just delicious. It has cholesterol lowering properties and is good for the complexion as well: Drink it Chinese-style to round off a meal – fantastic!

Are you big tea fans, ladies? Do you like to explore new exciting blends and flavours? Drop me a line and let me know your favourites; I’d love to compare notes

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