7 Coffees from around the World ...

Over 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide every year. The world’s favorite beverage is also the second most valuable trade commodity after oil and the four major coffee producing countries are Brazil, Vietnam, Columbia and Indonesia. Much like wine production, soil and climate play a huge role in determining the flavor, texture and aroma of the coffee bean and because of this, each country and region produces its own distinctive taste. Here’s a run through 7 coffees from around the world and what makes them so tempting to caffeine addicts everywhere.

1. Kenya

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The coffee connoisseurs among you will know that African coffees generally have a spicy, tangy edge. Kenyan coffee is no exception. With its rich aroma and spicy, full bodied and distinctively acidic, almost citrus flavor, coffee from Kenya is amongst the finest available. Kenyan coffee is a great choice for people who enjoy their coffee strong, and tastes particularly good black.

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