7 Colorful Punch Recipes ...

Ideal for all occasions and festivities from baby showers to weddings and themed parties, punch has been the most popular drink of many generations. I absolutely love it and I’m a real fanatic when it comes to collecting and trying out new punch recipes. Now, this stalker knows hosting a party requires a lot of work so the following list won’t be long but contain only the great-tasting, easy to make, time and money saving ones instead. Have fun ladies- here’s my list of 7 different, colorful punches for all seasons:

1. Frizzy Pink Punch

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Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

Surprise your little princess by preparing this special drink for her birthday! It requires only 2 ingredients and the preparation itself is a piece of cake. No special tips or tricks and no need for early planning, just mix two 2L bottles of Sprite or 7UP with ½ gallon of raspberry sherbet and you are done. I do have one tip for making this punch extra special, thought, and that’s lacing the glasses with pink popping candies. Mmmm! Yummy and crazy!

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