Top 8 Summer Snacks ...


Top 8 Summer Snacks ...
Top 8 Summer Snacks ...

After working so hard to maintain what I like to call the perfect beach bod, summertime snacking can definitely set you back a few pounds. But really, why reach for that regular old bag of potato chips when you could be snacking on these delicious munchies this Summer?

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Frozen Lemonade Slushie

Frozen Lemonade Slushie Photo Credit: shaletann

Why not combine my two favorite summertime treats, lemonade and something icy cold? Just blend a little lemonade and ice in the blender for a few seconds and wham cabam, you’ve got a lovely little snackeroo. Top with some sliced fruit and you’ll be loving your life in the sunshine.


Cream Cheese Crackers

Cream Cheese Crackers Photo Credit: AmazingSandwiches

Mmm Mmm Mmm! I love the taste of cream cheese in the summer. Nothing tastes better than some cold cream cheese on a whole grain cracker when you’re craving something a little bit more on the salty side. Throw in a little bit of jelly or a couple of tiny berries and you’ve got yourself the perfect sugary, salty treat!



Jigglers Photo Credit: CrumleyFamily

That’s right, Jell-o jigglers. They’re cold, you can use your fingers to eat them and they’re easy to make if you don’t mind playing the waiting game. Really, who hasn’t seen a few of these bad boys at a BBQ?



Sorbet Photo Credit: [Christine]

It’s basically a fruity, healthier version of ice cream so really, I can’t complain about it widening my rear end when I eat it. As always moderation is the key but enjoying a yummy fruit sorbet won’t kill you. And, you can even spruce it up by putting it in a real fruit bowl! That’s just functional and pretty.


Celery Sticks and Peanut Butter

Celery Sticks and Peanut Butter Photo Credit: B Tal

Peanut Butter may be loaded with calories, but since you technically burn calories while eating celery, it’s my totally delusional opinion that things get evened out. Just remember once again that moderation is key. But this is the perfect summertime snack for on the go one handed eating!


Melon Balls

Melon Balls Photo Credit: helenjane

Cantaloupe, Watermelon and Honeydew balled up together with a sprig of mint really taste… amazing for lack of a better word. Melon is light and fruity without being overpowering. Plus, when they’re all balled up you get all the flavor without any of that messy, watermelon rind smile.


Cucumbers and Carrots

Cucumbers and Carrots Photo Credit: nzfisher

These snacks are a little easier to eat when you’ve got baby carrots and cucumber slices but really, any way that you slice it, they’re delicious. Add a little low-fat ranch dressing and you’ve almost got yourself a salad. But even without it, you’ve still got one yummy snack.



Fruit-ka-bobs Photo Credit: The Hudster

A little kiwi, some berries, a little melon and maybe even a little banana all thrown together on a stick. Really, snacking couldn’t get any easier or any less messy. Fruit-ka-bobs are the best way to snack in the summertime!

Well ladies, I’ve given you some pretty delicious guilt-free snacks for the summer, any recommendations for me? Have you been munching on any of these snacks? Have I left any big ones off the list? Let me know down below!

Top Photo Credit: jljjld

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Hey guys im 14 and all my good friends are wearing bikinis and I would love to the problem is is I weigh 56 kg and I'm starting to feel really sad and I feel like my friends think I'm fat and well in 2 weeks we're having a big pool party and I want to be able to wear a bikini HELP!!!!

I love this article. I'm currently working SUPER hard on my belly for my little yellow bikini I am dying to wear and I am struggling about summer snacks and this article helped me to the extreme! Thanks, Angelina.

I love getting little crackers and putting turkey on them. Like mini lunchables, but healthy.

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