10 Best Finger Foods for Your Party ...


10 Best Finger Foods for Your Party ...
10 Best Finger Foods for Your Party ...

People who entertain often know that finger foods for a party are key in keeping the guests from getting bored or too hungry too soon. These can also be the talk of the town if they are fairly exotic. When I host a party, sometimes I might spice things up a bit with something fancy, but for the most part I have my tried and true favorites for parties. The finger foods listed below are easy, not expensive at all, and can be dressed up by simply placing them in a crystal bowl or on a fancy platter.

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Chips and Salsa

Chips and Salsa Photo Credit: Abiona

While these seem to be the standard at most parties, they are also the appetizers that seem to receive the most attention. Not many people complain about chips and salsa as they gab over a plate full of them. They are so many varieties of chips and salsa today that everyone should be able to find something they like.


Veggies and Dip

Veggies and Dip Photo Credit: amanky

The vegetable platters that I see in the stores usually have baby carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower on them. These finger foods for a party are a much healthier alternative to chips and salsa. They aren't always enjoyed quite as much, but are a great snack for those dieting. French onion dips, spinach dips, and even a bottle of ranch dressing can be the perfect dip for these.


Fancy Crackers

Fancy Crackers Photo Credit: skrockodile (cookbookcatchall.b logspot.com)

There are crackers made in just about every shape imaginable. I try to get a variety of shapes, since it makes it interesting when they are placed on the platter or sitting side by side in bowls. Boxes of large round crackers can be purchased and decorated with cheese spreads and garnishes for something a bit dressier and yummier. The only thing about these large crackers is that they are harder to eat. Small crackers can be eaten in one single bite so I usually prefer those.


Decorated Bagel Chips

Decorated Bagel Chips Photo Credit: SHGarden

These bagel chips are yummy! They are also healthier than regular tortilla chips. I've decorated these the same way I decorated the large round crackers and people really enjoyed them. These bagel chips are usually smaller than the larger crackers as well and that makes them the perfect finger food.



Shrimp Photo Credit: Adventuress Heart

Unless you have friends that really don't like seafood, having a bowl of cocktail shrimp usually goes over fairly well. Not many people buy shrimp, even the cocktail sized that don't have tails on them. These aren't expensive at all, since they are so small, but they are still just as tasty as their larger kin! And if you have any leftover, you can use it for lunch or some easy to make dinnerthe next day.


Fruit Chunks

Fruit Chunks Photo Credit: dnnya17

This is a great low calorie choicefor appetizers. Besides cutting up chunks of melon and putting them in a bowl, I find that a much more attractive display can be had by using a melon baller. Sure, the melon is now in ball shaped chunks instead of squares, but it makes it a bit more festive. You can even take some wooden skewers and place a piece of pineapple and maraschino cherries every now and then between the melon balls. I find that these finger foods for a party are perfect for breakfast the next morning as well!



Olives Photo Credit: Darwin Bell

I like to put a bunch of olives on a platter; green ones, black ones, the huge ones with pits in them, and even garlic stuffed olives. If you want to make sure that they don't all get mixed up together, each kind can be placed in a small bowl of their own. I always try to have a collection of small dishes in bright colors to place olives in. These add such a festive appearance to the table display.


Bite Sized Sandwiches

Bite Sized Sandwiches Photo Credit: ABMann

While these are a bit more time consuming to make, they are usually the talk of the party. I find it easy to make some sandwiches on regular whole wheat slices of bread. I then cut the crust off of the bread and then cut the sandwiches into smaller pieces. Sometimes I will cut them into four squares and other times I cut them into four triangles. Pimento cheese sandwiches go over well and so do ham or turkey slices with a bit of cheese or relish.



Gherkins Photo Credit: David_Turner

I think I like these a lot because I always remember them at the parties my parents would have. I also love sweet pickles and these are just so darn cute! I usually put a small container of toothpicks out on the table right next to these. It seems that if the toothpicks aren't right next to them, people want to pick them up with their fingers!


Little Smokies

Little Smokies Photo Credit: mooshee85

These are another appetizer from my childhood. While they aren't really an elegant sort of appetizer, they are delicious! I've even taken a container of those pre-made crescent rolls and wrapped them around the smokies to bake them together. You don't have to use an entire triangle of the crescent roll, since it will completely engulf the little smokie. I tear off chunks from each one, which makes the can go farther, plus cuts down on the baking time.

I'm sure there are tons more finger foods for a party that you can come up with on your own. Hopefully you will find these 10 favorites of mine to be useful when needing something quick and easy, but can't think of what to get! So far, I have yet to hear any complaints about any of these simple party appetizers. Which finger foods do you always serve? Which do you love to see at a party?

Top Photo Credit: CarusoPhoto

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Yummmmm these all look sooo yummy! I used to eat these frozen hor dourves from Costco for dinner! They included pigs in a blanket, triangle puffs filled with some sort of beef, and cheese puffs! Yummm, I want some right now! xo, mel

I would love some Fancy Crackers right now....the photo looks delicious...can I have it?:))

I totally love finger foods!! Thanks Mel for those ideas!! I will try out that veggie platter wih some dips.. We like to invite friends at home and while wishing to take it easy and not cook for the night, we prepare some of those jummy finger foods for dinner!! I love doing Mayo Tuna sauce with crackers! :) And I love Crackers with cheese and pine apple. Mmmm I'm getting so hungry!! :)

wow wow wow! everything looks sooo delicious.

ooh, i love finger foods! they are so much fun and so easy too! every halloween rachel ray magazine has an article about themed snacks for a scary party, and i have found that the recipies in there are great crowd pleasers

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