7 Cool Dinner Sets ...

Imagine the scene. You’re having a dinner party and everything’s perfect. Only when it’s too late do you realise that your plates are horribly mismatched. So why not avoid this problem by treating yourself to a smart dinner set? You’ll enjoy eating off a lovely set every day as well. Here are my picks of the cool dinner sets around...

1. Daley Ceramic Dinner Range in Red

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Price: from £3.20 per item at houseoffraser.co.uk
Coloured plates are much more exciting than boring white. This red set is also available in chocolate, with each item sold individually, so you could mix and match. Who said dinner sets had to be all the same colour? Just make sure the colours complement each other.

2. Working Class Studio Wrought Irony Dinner Plate Collection

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Price: $8 at allmodern.com
Wooooooooowwwwww …. Take a look at these colourful plates. I adore the salad plate with a bird image. Definitely something very different that will get your guests talking... I love these!

3. Black Trail 16 Piece Dinner Set

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Price: £38 at direct.tesco.com
I love this cool oriental-inspired set. The square plates would be ideal for Chinese, Japanese or Thai food. Even a simple supper would look great on this black and gold set. The shape is so unique...

4. Ed Hardy Dinner Service

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Price: £65 at cgi.ebay.co.uk
Now, it doesn’t get much more different than this! If you’re a fan of Ed Hardy’s tattoo print clothing, you can now have a super-trendy table as well. You might want to get out your mismatched plates instead if the mother-in-law is coming round for dinner, but anyone else will love this amazing dinner set.

5. Flame Dinner Set

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Price: £35 at direct.tesco.com
A floral set that isn’t twee is a real find. This is a very modern style that will be just as good for everyday use as for special occasions. The simple red and white colour theme will look really stylish on your table.

6. Laurie Gates Safari Dinnerware Set

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Price: $120 at lauriegates.com
I think I’d be hard put to choose between the next two sets, both by the same designer. This safari set, available in zebra or giraffe print, is stylish enough to be put on display. In fact, I probably wouldn’t want to ever get them dirty …

7. Laurie Gates Baja Sizzle Dinnerware Set

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Price: $100 at lauriegates.com
Finally, if you love Mexican food, this amazingly colourful service would be perfect. It might be a bit too colourful for breakfast use if you’re not very lively in the morning, but would be a talking point on any dinner table.

Are you inspired to toss out your tired crockery and look for something similar to these sets? If, like me, you have a talent for breaking plates, I suggest you buy two sets … then you’ve always got a spare! Whcih of these do you like best, and why? Please share!

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