7 Low-Fat Salty Treats ...


7 Low-Fat Salty Treats ...
7 Low-Fat Salty Treats ...

Sometimes, a sweet treat just won’t do, because you’re craving something salty. But before you grab that big bag of potato chips or crisps, ask yourself if you really want all that fat! And then read through my quick list of seven low-fat salty snacks, and choose one of these, instead!

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Pretzels Photo Credit: strobist

Pretzels are a great low-fat snack if you’re craving something salty. They come in a variety of flavors and shapes, so there’s bound to be a pretzel you’ll love. Another advantage to choosing pretzels for a salty snack? They’re available in most vending machines, so you can snack guilt-free no matter where you are.


Baked Lays Chips

Baked Lays Chips Photo Credit: JennKstep

I love potato chips and crisps, but they’re very fatting… unless you buy the baked chips. Baked Lays are my favorites because they have versions of all of my favorite chips. My hands-down favorite Baked Lays are the barbeque… so yummy!


Trail Mix

Trail Mix Photo Credit: elana's pantry

Trail mix is a great salty snack that has a lot of advantages, and can be low-fat. Beware mixes that contain chocolate chips or candies. Choose a basic mix with mixed nuts and raisins and other dried fruit, except pineapple, which tends to be coated with sugar. Yes, peanuts can be fattening, but a handful of trail mix contains a lot of other goodies, so it’s okay.


Peanuts or Mixed Nuts

Peanuts or Mixed Nuts Photo Credit: Darwin Bell

If you’re just not a fan or trail mix or dried fruit, you can forgo the trail mix and opt for mixed nuts or just peanuts instead. Peanuts themselves can be fattening, so be sure you’re eating what makes up one serving, and not a whole packet.


Salty and Sweet Granola Bars

Salty and Sweet Granola Bars Photo Credit: beegirl211

Did you know Nature Valley makes a salty-and-sweet chewy granola bar? And they’re absolutely delicious, perfect for satisfying a salty tooth and a sweet tooth at once! They’re also loaded with fiber, which is very good for you!


Air-popped Salted Popcorn

Air-popped Salted Popcorn Photo Credit: jmacphoto.com

The popcorn at the movies is horrendously fattening, covered in butter (or just butter-flavor) and sitting for hours in oil. But if you use an air popper, and make it with just a sprinkle of salt to bring out the flavor, popcorn is a delicious salty treat!


Carrots and Celery Dipped in Low-fat Ranch Dressing

Carrots and Celery Dipped in Low-fat Ranch Dressing Photo Credit: ~ Sandy ~ away for a few weeks ~

Why not get a serving of veggies and cure your salty craving at the same time? Keep some carrots and celery on hand, or some fresh broccoli, and dip them in a little low-fat ranch dressing. Not a fan of these particular veggies? Try cherry or grape tomatoes or cucumber instead!

See? It’s completely possible to satisfy your craving for a salty snack without gorging yourself on something fattening! Do you have any other salty, low-fat snacks you can share? Please tell me!

Top Photo Credit: Betty Crocker Recipes

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