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Foods to Snack on Even when You're Dieting ...

By Mabelle

If there's one thing that I learned from reading a multitude of articles online about dieting, it's that eating small servings of food several times a day is better than gorging on three square meals a day.

So what's a poor girl to do if she's craving for some snacks but she's on a slightly-strict diet? The key is to satisfy those PMS or post-PMS cravings with foods that'll help flatten you up faster!

The secret behind these food items is that they make you **feel fuller faster **- so even if you snack on them 5 times a day, you still won't have a bulging tummy. And they're healthy, too!

Here’s the list:
Parmesan cheese
Save up to 90 calories when you substitute good old Cheddar cheese with Parmigiano-Reggiano.
Ditch the fattening blueberry muffins - and spread the real deal on your bread instead. You will save a whopping 270 calories when eating blueberries, and they have potent **antioxidants **which give helps regulate your digestion and lower your bad cholesterol.
Dark chocolate
Instead of stealing an extra-wide chocolate chip cookie from your cupboard, enjoy four 1-inch squares of dark chocolate instead. Aside from saving you 180 calories, this sinfully delicious indulgence is good for the heart.
Other notable food items:
• Change your order of a 16-ounce, whole milk latte to a 12-ounce fat free latte to save you 120 calories.
• Save 180 calories by ditching the soda and drinking water with a squeeze of lemon **instead. Also, **drinking water a half an hour before meals can help control your cravings for snacks.

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