12 Tips on How to Keep Cholesterol Low ...


12 Tips on How to Keep Cholesterol Low ...
12 Tips on How to Keep Cholesterol Low ...

Do you know how important it is to keep cholesterol low? For those of you out there that are health fanatics, I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about. I am always thinking about my cholesterol level. I wasn’t thinking about it too much when I was a teenager, but believe it or not, even teenagers should pay attention to their cholesterol level. A low-cholesterol diet is the best way to improve your heart health. Below, I am going to give you 12 tips on how to keep cholesterol low.

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Stock Your Pantry and Refrigerator with the Best Foods

First of all, it is important that you stock both your pantry and your refrigerator with the right type of foods for your low-cholesterol diet. Purchase your favorite fresh fruits, canned or dry beans, vegetable juice, whole grains and vegetables.


Toss the Butter, Polyunsaturated Oil and Trans Fat Margarines

Instead of using butter, trans fat margarines and polyunsaturated oil, you should use canola oil, plant sterol spreads and olive oil.


Buy Products That Have Specifically Been Made for Low-Cholesterol Diets

You should look for those products that have specifically been created for those low-cholesterol diets. Some of those products include Smart Balance, Benecol, Promise and HeartWise Orange Juice.


Start off with Oatmeal

When you wake up in the morning, for breakfast, start your day off with oatmeal. This one step on its own can lower your cholesterol dramtically!


Substitute Your Whole Eggs

Instead of consuming whole eggs, start your day off with cholesterol-free egg substitutes, or just egg whites.


Instead of Butter, Use White Wine Vinegar

Instead of using butter in order to keep the pan moist while you are cooking, you can use white wine vinegar.


Walk, Run, Roller Blade and Swimming

In order to keep your heart healthy and keep cholesterol low, it would be a great idea to start moving around and exercising.



Getting involved in sports such as football, basketball, soccer and tennis will definitely help keep your cholesterol low.


Don’t Use Tobacco

In order to lower your chance of heart disease and keep cholesterol low, you should eliminate cigars, cigarettes and chewing tobacco. These cause damage to your arteries, and these damaged spots are where LDL cholestrerols build up.


Cut down on Fat

A lot of our foods are loaded with fat. Changing to lower fat foods will help lower your bad cholesterol.


Choose Low-Fat or Nonfat Milk

You should choose low-fat or nonfat milk. Again, this one step can greatly lower your cholesterol.


Skip Fried Foods

If you are a sucker for fried foods, then you may want to think twice about this one. You should not have fried foods in your diet regularly. Have them with moderation.

To help keep cholesterol low, you should always read the labels on the food. Avoid the food that has hydrogenated oils in them - that's almost a code word for LDL cholesterol! I use these 12 tips religiously and do not have a problem with high cholesterol. Do you have any tips that you would like to share with us?

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Low fat milk is great for you. It does not taste as good, until you get used to it, but the lower the fat in milk the higher the calcium, which you need for healthy bones. Organic milk is the best, and worth every extra penny of its cost. If you don't buy any organic foods, organic milk should always be on your list.

thanks. Reminders like these keep me on check.

Number 12 is very important!! If you don't have junk foods to snack on, well then you can't! You'll have to eat healthy foods! This helps a lot! Over the summer i always go to my grandparents summer cabin, and they only have fruits and vegetables. Then i go out swimming all day. So i end up losing a lot of weight while i'm there for the 2-3 weeks!! I'm so grateful. Especially for the swimming suit season ;)

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