8 Tips to Reduce Bad Fats Intake ...

By Denise

8 Tips to Reduce Bad Fats Intake ...

Fat is an important part of our daily diet. Good fat supplies the essential fatty acids that our bodies need for metabolism, vitamin absorption, and other bodily processes. It does not do well to eliminate fat completely. We do, however, need to limit the amount of saturated and trans fats in our diet. The consumption of these fats increase bad cholesterol levels and can lead to obesity. Try these 8 tips to reduce your bad fats intake.

1 Use Lean Meat and Poultry

Use Lean Meat and Poultry Photo Credit: Erika Ray

Red meat usually has a higher fat content than seafood and poultry. As much as possible, avoid preparing food with beef, pork, and lamb. Try using chicken, turkey, and fish, instead. If using meat can’t be avoided then be sure that you are using lean cuts.

2 Trim Visible Fat

Trim Visible Fat Photo Credit: Kate Shepard

You won’t reduce the fat content of food by a whole lot by trimming visible fat. But in the long run, this practice can really make a difference. Removing the skin from poultry before cooking is another way of reducing fat from your food.

3 More Plant-based Food

More Plant-based Food Photo Credit: Hankins

Most saturated and trans fat come from meat-based food. With this in mind, make an effort to decrease meat-based food from your diet and increase your plant-based food intake.

4 Bake, Grill, Roast, Steam

Bake, Grill, Roast, Steam Photo Credit: Betty Crocker Recipes

Instead of frying food, why not try baking, grilling, roasting or steaming? These cooking techniques are healthier ways to prepare food without using too much fat.

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5 Use Oils That Have Low Saturated/trans Fat Content

Use Oils That Have Low Saturated/trans Fat Content Photo Credit: cstein96

If frying cannot be avoided, then use oils that are low in saturated or trans fat. Olive oil, canola oil, and flax oil are good examples of healthy oils to use.

6 Stay Away from Processed Food

Stay Away from Processed Food Photo Credit: laaaurenicole

Stop eating processed food to really cut down on your bad fats intake. If you can’t completely give up processed food, then choose products that contain little to zero saturated and trans fat. Remember to read the nutrition facts before putting an item in your grocery basket.

7 Buy Low-fat Dairy

Buy Low-fat Dairy Photo Credit: LucienTj

Slowly switch to low and non-fat dairy products. Drink skim or non-fat milk instead of full cream milk. Instead of sour cream, try using low or non-fat plain yogurt.

8 Use Applesauce when Baking

Use Applesauce when Baking Photo Credit: CookinCanuck

If you love to bake, consider using applesauce to replace up to half of the fat needed in the recipe. You can also try using other pureed fruits and vegetables as fat-substitutes. These alternatives can make your baked goods healthier and even tastier.

Limiting the intake of bad fats is important for a healthy heart and body. Remember that making conscious choices is the key to success. Follow these simple tips and you will be on your way to a healthier life.

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