9 Tips to Eating Healthy on Vacation ...

I used to think that going on vacation was an excuse to eat poorly. However, as I learned more about healthy living, I found out that there are ways to eat healthy while on vacation. Here are 9 tips that can help you on the road to eating healthy while relaxing on the beach or touring city streets.

1. Pack Your Own Snacks

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Whether you are going on a road trip or riding an airplane, it would be a good idea to pack your own snacks for the trip. This way, you can avoid buying highly processed, high calorie food. Pick your snacks according to the travel time. Try packing trail mix without the chocolate, a variety of sandwiches, fruits, granola, or whole grain crackers. For your beverage, bring water or fruit juice with less sugar. (Of course, if you're riding an airplane, remember safety regulations.)

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