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8 Elements of My Fantasy Vacation ...

By Alison

Now that summer is approaching, the peak holiday season is almost here. People often talk about where they would like to go on the holiday of a lifetime, but how often does anyone say what they would like to actually do? There’s more to the perfect trip than the destination, so here are the elements of my fantasy vacation …

1 Handsome Totty

The perfect holiday should be adorned with a handsome man (not one who’s being paid to wait on me, but one who does it just for the pleasure). I do like a nice view (and if it has a good-looking man standing in front of it, so much the better).

2 Chocolate

Naturally, there would also be a neverending supply of chocolate. This is where the Handsome Totty would come in very useful, as he could save me the bother of breaking off the squares myself. Instead, he would feed me the chocolate. Who needs grapes?


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3 Perfect Weather

My ideal temperature would be about 75F every day. It goes without saying that the sun would always shine. There would also be a gentle breeze every now and then just to freshen things up a little (and absolutely NO mosquitos).

4 Lots to do

Being in the middle of nowhere is not my idea of fun. So on my fantasy vacation there would be plenty of things to do if I wanted. I would require easy access to the entertainments of a city, and plenty of interesting sights to look at.

5 Private Cinema

I love going to the cinema, and a few times have found myself the only person there. There is something so enjoyable about having the cinema to yourself, so I would definitely want my accommodation to include my own private cinema.

6 Rent-a-Cat

The problem with going away is that, however good the vacation, I would miss my cats. For me, it isn’t the same without them around. So I would want the accommodation to provide a friendly puss to keep me company and sit on my lap, purring.

7 Huge Bed

On the other hand, the drawback of having pets is that I have to share the bed with them. So my fantasy vacation would include the biggest bed available – just for me. Then I could sprawl around and enjoy the luxury of having it all to myself.

8 Late Breakfast

There’s one thing I’ve never understood about staying in hotels – you’re supposed to be on holiday, which means relaxing and having a break from routine. So why do they always serve breakfast so early? If you have to get up early for work, then why would you want to do so on vacation? Late breakfast would be an essential for me …

Well, these are just some of the elements that would comprise my very personal perfect trip. Some of them would be easier to incorporate than others, but what about your fantasy vacation – what would make it just right for you?

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