9 Ways to Get through Fat Days ...

I know that you will understand me when I say that “fat” is not just a word that describes weight and body shape. “Fat” is also a feeling that women feel at certain times in their lives. A day where you feel particularly fat is called a fat day. The causes of fat days differ for each person. But whatever the reasons for your fat days, you should know that there are simple ways to conquer that heavy feeling.

1. Discover the Reason for Your Fat Day

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Think about what you did or didn’t do the previous day. Did you eat too much? Did you fail to get some exercise? Also think about what is currently happening in your life. Are you under a lot of stress? Are you having your period? The only way you can properly address a fat day is by discovering the reason for feeling the way you do.

2. Don’t Focus on the Feeling

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Nothing has changed with the way you look. Remember that this fat feeling of yours will pass so there is no need to focus on it too much. Instead, focus on the day ahead of you. Think of ways to empower and remind yourself of the wonderful person you truly are.

3. Work up a Sweat

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Getting exercise is a wonderful way to feel good about yourself. But just because you are feeling fat doesn’t mean that you have the permission to go overboard on working out. The point here is to release the tension in your body and to get some happy hormones flowing. A thirty minute session of a physical activity you enjoy is enough.

4. Hydrate Your Body

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Being dehydrated causes so many problems for you. It makes you tired, hungry, and irritable. The lack of water makes digestion less efficient so you end up feeling bloated. To offset these feelings, drink lots of water on your fat days. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

5. Eat Something Light and Calming

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If you overate the night before, I am sure that you wouldn’t want to eat something heavy. Instead of skipping meals, opt for something light and calming. I find that toast with a bit of butter and jelly/jam works wonders. If that is not your thing, then maybe some fruits and vegetables throughout the day will do the trick.

6. Nourish Your Body

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If you feel stressed or have been eating the wrong kinds of food, then this solution would be for you. Eat food that will nourish your body. Load up on fruits and vegetables. Add some lean meat, chicken, or fish to your meals. Just remember to eat the appropriate portions.

7. Wear Flattering Clothing

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On fat days, avoid wearing clothes that are frumpy and shapeless. These clothes will only make you feel fatter and less confident. Instead, wear something comfortable that shows off your best assets. Don’t wear anything too binding or restricting. But if you feel like you can fake feeling sexy, then why not, right?

8. Nurture Your Soul

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If the stressors of life are getting to you, then it may be time to relax and nurture your soul. Do something relaxing for the day. Get a massage, sleep, curl up with a good book, have a nice talk with a friend, or watch your favorite TV show. It doesn’t have to be extravagant; just do something that will make you feel good from the inside.

9. Do Something Mentally Challenging

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Play a challenging computer game, solve a Sudoku puzzle, answer a crossword, or try your hand at solving a Rubik’s cube. Create schedules for you and your family. Organize a room in your house. Learn a new topic or skill. Anything that calls for the use of your brain will help keep your mind off your body and the fat feelings.

Fat days are normal for everyone – skinny, fat, average build, young, and old. All women go through at least one fat day in their lives. While the fat feelings are unbearable, your day doesn’t have to be terrible. To the world, you are the same beautiful person you’ve always been. Love yourself and don’t believe that critical part of your mind. Fight the feeling before it ruins a day of possibilities.

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