12 Easy Ways to Not Put Weight during Holidays ...


12 Easy Ways to Not Put Weight during Holidays ...
12 Easy Ways to Not Put Weight during Holidays ...

It's holiday time and it's fun time! Eating, sleeping, playing, partying - we have lots of things to do. But unfortunately, every holiday season brings not only joy, but extra pounds too, and we so don't need them, do we?

So, in order to shed off a couple of pounds, or at least not to put on any new ones, all we need to do is to use a couple of tips listed below. They are the 13 simple ways I usually use to keep my weight under control and I am sure they will work for you too during this Holiday season:

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Keep Exercising

Foods rich in calories may attract you more. And you can definitely eat them (I know I would), provided we keep doing our work outs. I know it's a holiday, but you can still go for a run or do the crunches in the bedroom. Exercise is one of the old tried ways that keeps us fit and it won't fail us during the holiday season!


Try to Eat Healthy Stuff

Even during holiday meals include lots of vegetables, fruits and nuts in your diet. And by all means try to avoid junk foods as much as possible. If you eat a lot of turkey and veggies you are likely to eat less of that yummy chocolate cake your Mom makes.

Also, try not to miss a meal before eating out. Even a little snack, like a yoghourt or a banana, can make a huge difference. You won't order too much and as a result, won't over-eat.

Asking to put half of your order into a doggy bag before it makes it to the table can also help. You won't eat too much (and let's face it, restaurant plates and meals are just too big for one person). AND you will have something for breakfast too!


Drink Less

You can never imagine a holiday without some drinks, but try to have them in limited quantity. Since drinks are rich in calorie content and are good at stimulating your appetite, it's better to cut on those martinis.

And not only you won't put on weight, you will not have those nasty hang-overs the next day, and you will be able to enjoy the holidays from the moment you open your eyes in the morning!


Go for a Walk

If you are too lazy to do your exercises ( I so hear you), walk for about 20 - 30 minutes daily. Go for an early morning walk in the cool clear air or for a night walk before going to bed. To make it more fun, you can ask your friends or family join you.

I find it easier when we pick a destination, for instance a Starbucks that's 30 minutes away. Once we get there, we order hot drinks and head back home. This way, you concentrate more on getting that cup of cappuccino than on the actual exercise and it's easier to trick yourself into a walk like that.


Know Your Body

Careless eating or sleeping will bulge your body without your knowledge. You will be surprised to see your waistline expanded. Wear tight fitting clothes when you go out next time, which will prevent you from over eating!

A very tight sweater and skinny jeans never let me put too much food into my mouth. You will know it's enough when you can not pull your stomach in and the waistline of your jeans starts to bug you. Sounds a bit masochistic, but it works!


Mingle with People

What has mingling with people got to do with weight? You can stay away from the tempting food section for a longer while. Socialize with friends, share jokes, have fun, shake a leg and then eat together.

Nothing is as stimulating for an appetite, as boredom. Make sure you keep yourself busy socializing and you will definitely eat less. Eating stuff, while standing up and flirting or talking is next to impossible, so make an emphasis on those talks and your hips will thank you!


Cook at Home

Holidays are not only about going out to eat. You can also try making some new dishes at home which are healthy and nutritious. Besides, while cooking you are more likely to satisfy your appetite just by looking at the ingredients and getting them ready. So, before you know it, you will feel full, even if you haven't tried a bit. That's probably why my Mom hardly touches her plate after all the Holiday food preparations.


Throw a Healthy Party

Be different from the rest of the crowd. Throw a healthy party with low fat, low calorie dishes. Guys might mind, but if you make it a girl night, I am sure your girlfriends won't mind a healthy, easy on their figures dinner!


Sleep Well

Late night parties, movies or functions will cut into your sleeping hours. Lack of proper sleep saps your energy levels and you will end up doing nothing profitable. Some scientists also state that lack of sleep can make the body increase the amount of body fat... As a reaction to the stress. So, even with all the hard partying, make sure you get your 8 hours of healthy sound sleep!


Yoga Can Help

Yoga or other ways of meditation can provide you with great mental strength and physical fitness, which always comes in handy when a plate of chocolate cupcakes is staring you in the eye... ;)


Stick to Your Goals

Never say ‘no’. If you have made up your mind to control your weight, start it early. The more you delay, the lazier you become. And holidays do not help the matters either... I know many people prefer to put off their New Year Resolutions for later, but the sooner you get it written down, and the sooner you start pursuing your goal, the faster you'll get there. Especially when it comes to weight. Just imagine how much more time you will have to spend on the thread mill if you ignore your weight loss plans during the holidays.

I often browse pictures of Victoria Secret models to get the kick I need to stay away from all the sweets I would have averted otherwise. Maybe this kind of stimulation will work for you too!


Believe in Yourself

Avoid the “I cannot” attitude. Say “I can” to yourself and get going. It's best when you share your dieting plans with the people you spend most time with. They will be able to help you resist the temptation.

I invented a secret password I asked my husband to use whenever I reach for junk food or unnecessary sweets. Every time I heard him say this magic word (for me it was my weight goal), it helped me say "no" to many things I couldn't have resisted before. It's very important someone reminds you about the goal when you are about to give up. Hopefully this technic will work for you too.

Do you have your own secret ways not to put weight during holidays? Or do you have some magical method to make that holiday weight disappear? Please, do share, I would love to hear from you...

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Great article! The holidays are coming up fast, hopefully these tips help!

yah holidays r always terrible for me. i gotta look at my bloated stomach in the mirror afterwards:p but this rly might help. id recommend it.

hahah! great suggestions but easier said than done...I am beginning to sympathize with that Augustus Gloop when it comes to candy and sweets especially the special ones my mom and I make during the holidays...ahh truffles nooooo! :)

Thanx, that was really good 6 advices, It really will help me during Vacations.

I gained around 2 pounds during this winter break. Usually everyone is so busy I can actually somewhat keep up with my workout and diet. During the holidays everyone is home, always eating and having fun. That left me little time to exercise. Thanks for the tips

it seams since the holidays i have had a problem keeping up with my weight. i am very athletic, and try to eat healthy but its hard controling how much i eat. any suggestions ?

My only problem during the holidays....are sweets, cookies :). My mother makes this incredible Tiramisu and I just can't resist the temptation :)

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