10 Ways Not to Gain Weight during the Holiday Season ...


10 Ways Not to Gain Weight during the Holiday Season ...
10 Ways Not to Gain Weight during the Holiday Season ...

So it’s holiday time again and you can see your waist line expanding by the day! What do you do to ** stay in control of your weight**? Read on!

Exercise regime

Take your workout sessions seriously. You’ll need to as the holidays signify lots of good food rich in calories. Make your exercise mandatory. Don’t slip up for even a day and don’t think of it as a chore. Make it fun.

**Think ahead **

Create a food plan and stick to it. Eat wisely and decide on what you’re going to cook and eat well in advance. This will reduce the chances of ordering a take-out or filling up on junk food. Both are equally bad.

**Stay sober **

Though this may be difficult to do during the holidays don’t drink in excess. Remember your calorie count goes up when you drown that drink. Instead eat high protein and drink lots of water. It will help you burn off that fat faster.

**Portion control **

Eat in moderation- that’s the key to staying fit even in the holiday season. You don’t need to stay away from your favorite dishes you can you control the amount of food you eat.

**Walk **

Yes the holidays have come but that doesn’t mean you need to sleep all day. Get moving! Rise early and take in the fresh air of the outdoor or hop onto your treadmill. Either way a one hour walk will help you lose those extra pounds.

Cook healthy

Stock up on good healthy recipes and try them out this holiday. Just because you love dessert doesn’t mean you need to eat it with lots of sugar and cream. Replace it with fruit instead. There are dozens of ways you can keep your food non-fatty.

Fight temptation

If you find your mind wandering towards greasy burgers and fries, conquer your cravings but indulging in a hobby instead. Pick up a good book and read it or go out shopping with friends.
Eat ahead**

The holidays are filled with parties but before you leave for one, eat a small snack so you don’t end up ravenous at the party. This will help keep the hunger pangs away. You’ll eat less this way.

**Dress smart **

Yes this helps too! A tight skirt will discourage you from eating too much. On the other hand you won’t be worried about your full stomach if you’re wearing a loose t-shirt. So wear well fitting clothes especially when you go out.

**Socialize **

When you’re out at a party try and meet new people and socialize. This will keep your mind away from the food tray. Make new friends and stay away from the buffet as long as possible.

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I couldnt resist the sinfully delicious food. Ill just continue dieting after the holidays. lol.

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