10 Ways to Stay Motivated on a Diet ...


10 Ways to Stay Motivated on a Diet ...
10 Ways to Stay Motivated on a Diet ...

It’s normal to lose interest a few weeks into a diet, but how do you keep yourself motivated? Here’s my favourite ways to keep yourself going...

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Remember Why You Are Losing Weight ...

Try to remember what motivated you in the first place. Slimming down for summer, or a holiday? Remind yourself!


Plan Things ...

If you don’t have anything to look forward to, or it just seems too far away, book something sooner! A spa day or a trip to a big nearby town, whatever will motivate you to look your best.


See What’s Going Wrong ...

If you’re regularly feeling demotivated, there might be something wrong with your diet plan. Check that it isn’t too strict, or difficult to follow, and that you aren’t feeling deprived.


Remember That It Won’t Happen Overnight ...

Make sure that you aren’t piling too much pressure on yourself. Losing weight takes a while, so don’t give up!


Keep a Calendar ...

Mark down how far you’ve come on your calendar, and show yourself how far you’ll set yourself back if you give up now. This works really well for me, as it makes it feel like I make progress everyday!

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Reward Yourself ...

Reached a goal? Buy yourself a new book, or go to the cinema. Just being doing especially well? Buy some new work out gear or an album. Reward yourself for getting so far!


Give Yourself a Chance ...

If you’re struggling with exercise, find a personal trainer who can teach you some. If you can’t cook, take a college course or buy a cookery book for beginners.


Lose the Excuses ...

Make sure you eat well and exercise every day you have planned too, because if you miss one day, it’s so easy to justify missing the rest. I find giving myself a big pink tick on my calendar when I exercise stops me missing my sessions!


Open Your Mind ...

Try pilates, or yoga, or anything that you haven’t tried and think you might like. Grab a hula hoop and try new things, to keep yourself motivated and your interest in exercise high.


Have Consequences ...

Remember that if you don’t exercise, it will have consequences. As horrible as this one sounds, it works wonders. If you don’t exercise, you won’t lose weight. Sometimes just reminding myself of that helps keep me on track.

Remember, though, that if you are really struggling, talking to a friend will really help. Most people have been on a diet at some point, and will have support to offer you. Have you got a foolproof motivation trick? Share it with me!

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Meream I have to tell you that I didn't shop for jeans for about 2 years now, the same goes for me too :)I want to fit in the jeans I had before, and only after I will go buy another :))In that time I worn only black pants :)

Haha nothing like avoiding mall crowd to stick to your diet. :D Xannyyy, something to look forward to (involving WOWing everyone) is a great motivation, too. Are you trying to stick to a diet for your wedding? But I'm sure you already look great. :)

The first reason that motivated me was to Reward yourself.. I used to be a little chubby and never knew what to do with this problem. I wanted to look my best at a very special party which I was invited early so I though that I would do this thing for my self! Cause I wanted to feel good and I succeded! Although I need to go back again on diet if I don't pay attention!!

What keeps me motivated is the fact that I hate shopping for jeans and that I'd better stay the same size if I want to avoid buying new ones. Hahaha

do you have any holiday tips ?? as this is a much harder time of year with parties ect.. ho ho ho

That is so funny Meream, because that is exactly what reminds me that it's time to do something about the extra inches...the way my clothes fit me.....I have been able to maintain the same size for most of my adult life. I hope to be able to keep it that way.

Thanks Xannyyy!

Meream, Yeah I'm always trying to be on diet but at times I don't succeed.. Now that I'm doing Aerobics, at least with some exsersise I'm still on my normal weight.. But when my wedding approches I'm gonna try to do a very harsh one so I'll be perfect and it's a good motivation :D Thanks love.. Same as you. I loves your photos on your blog!! :)

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