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We all encounter them sometime in our lifetime - sometimes at a friend's house, or at work, and some of us have the misfortune of living with one. What's that, you ask? A picky eater, that's what! Picky kids make it hard to serve up healthy food, so if you are in this predicament, here are some tips for you to try!

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Make Food Fun!

Make Food Fun! Photo Credit: sherimiya ?

Who says veggies and healthy food has to be boring? Be creative and fun with that food. Put smiley faces on wheat pancakes or make one out of fruit pieces. Spell their name with celery sticks. Try different things to make the food more appealing. We all know and understand that the more appealing food is to our eyes, the easier it is to eat it.


Make Food Educational

Make Food Educational Photo Credit: Lily White

Have your child draw different fruits and veggies that you have yet to get them to try. Talk about the colors and beauty of their artwork, and then, slowly introduce the idea of actually trying to taste these beautiful fruits they just drew.


Let Them Pick Their Own Food

Let Them Pick Their Own Food Photo Credit: Eduard Titov

Sometimes the act of working for our own food can make us appreciate it more. Now, I'm not saying that you should make your small child go out and slave in the garden all day, but it would not hurt to take your child to an orchard or the garden and let them pick something to eat. They will be excited to eat what they just gathered on their own!


Let Them Help You Make the Meal

Let Them Help You Make the Meal Photo Credit: sherimiya ?

The same concept applies as in number three. Working and helping to get one's own food can help them to appreciate it more - thus leading to them trying new, healthy foods! Maybe broccoli doesn’t sound good to your little angel. But after he or she has handled the little green trees, they may change their mind. “Look daddy! I made this! How does it taste?”


Start Young

Start Young Photo Credit: ? tiny morsels

It is much easier to introduce good habits early than to break bad habits later. As much fun as it is to see that baby go crazy over their first taste of soda or sugar, it isn't wise. It is best to stick to healthy meals until the child is old enough to understand the importance of limiting sweets.


Remember the Old Rule: "Don't Play at the Table"?

Remember the Old Rule: "Don't Play at the Table"? Photo Credit: naisano

Ok, so it has it's place - playing with toys and things can lead to lack of eating much of anything, but come on! What is wrong with a simple game of tic-tac-toe? Especially if you use peas and carrots for the playing pieces!


Set a Good Example

Set a Good Example Photo Credit: LoveBones

As parents, our children watch us. From the time they were old enough to see, they have been watching us - learning us. They will follow in your shoes, like they try to do literally! Though it may not come immediately, if you continue to eat healthy, chances are your child will follow sooner or later.

Teach your children healthy eating can be fun as well as good for you. They will grow up loving all the foods many teens turn their nose up at, even when they become adults. How do you make healthy foods more appealing to you kids?

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Great tips! We use many of these strategies in daycare :D

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