8 Ways to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions ...


8 Ways to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions ...
8 Ways to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions ...

Making a list of New Year's resolutions is easy. Actually keeping them throughout the year is much, much more difficult. It's so easy to forget about them, to procrastinate and keep putting them off, so you never end up crossing anything off your list. It doesn't have to be that way, though, as you will see with these 8 ways to keep your New Year's resolutions.

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Be Realistic

You have to know your limitations and be realistic with making resolutions. For instance, saying you're going to lose a huge amount of weight just in the month of January isn't realistic, because you can't really do that in a healthy manner. Saying you're going to lose weight by eating right and exercising throughout the whole year, however, that can be done.


Start Simply

At the same time, you don't want to get too complex too quickly. For example, you don't want to decide that you're going to quit smoking cold turkey. You have to take your time, be patient, and work hard, whether you want to quit smoking, lose weight, or start eating healthier foods.


Display Them

More often than not, you make a list of resolutions and then shove it in a drawer somewhere. You're the only one who knows about your resolutions, so it's easy to make excuses or forget them. So, put them on display. Make sure you see them every single day, so you don't forget the promises you've made to yourself.


Share Them

Making sure other people know about your resolutions is also a great way to keep them. Tell your friends, family members, and colleagues about them. Sure, you may get irritated if they keep asking you how things are going, but those questions are sure to keep you motivated!


Do Them with a Friend

Often, having a resolution buddy can help as well. It is hard to do some things by yourself. Having a friend to work with and commiserate with when things get hard can make all the difference. You can motivate and encourage one another.


Follow a Schedule

You don't have to meet all your resolutions at one time. Make a schedule and follow a plan that will allow you to make your goals throughout the entire year. Quite often, it's when you put too much pressure on yourself that you end up failing to make good on your resolutions.


Accept Support

And if you need help in meeting your goals, that's totally okay. Accept support from the people who love you. That kind of encouragement can often make all the difference, and there's nothing wrong with accepting it.


Keep Trying

Finally, as long as you keep trying, you are still successful. Don't give up, even if you suffer through some drawbacks. Everybody has those. The key is to keep on going and to give your resolutions another try. Remember, the only time you fail is when you quit or don't try at all.

What are some of your New Year's resolutions? What do you hope to accomplish in 2019?

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Last year I resoluted not to have resolution in future and I am still sticking to it.

Just try to keep them one day at a time

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