7 Ways to Eat More Fruit and Veggies ...


7 Ways to Eat More Fruit and Veggies ...
7 Ways to Eat More Fruit and Veggies ...

We all know we need to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables to get all of the vitamins and other nutrients our bodies crave — but aside from pushing a fruit cart around with us everywhere we go, how can we get all of the fruit and veggies we need? After a lengthy conversation with my marvelously fit personal trainer, I can help! Here are 7 ways to eat more fruit and veggies on a daily basis.

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Swap the Sides

Rather than making (or ordering) French fries as a side with a meal, try a small salad or a cup of fresh fruit. Even most fast food restaurants offer fresh fruit options instead of French fries, so take advantage of the apple fries — minus the caramel dipping sauce — as a simple way to eat more fruit and veggies.


Use Them to Top Pizza

I am a great fan of the pizza — in my opinion, there’s nothing tastier! I’m pretty open-minded about what I’ll top one with, too… as long as there’s cheese and tomato sauce, I’m happy! So I sneak in a serving of veggies by using them as a pizza topping. I love using green bell peppers, tomatoes, and even broccoli… yum!


Eat Them Raw

For some reason, fresh fruit and vegetables, uncooked, have the most health benefits, and they tend to be the most delicious, too. They’re also really easy to eat, since all you have to do is wash or peel and enjoy!


Try Them Dried

When we hear “dried fruit,” most of us tend to think of raisins, but there is a lot of dried fruit you can enjoy as a sweet treat, and get a serving or two of fresh fruit! I love dried figs, apples, and apricots. They’re actually quite healthful, as long as you avoid buying the dried fruit with added sugars.


Stir Them in

Try adding fresh veggies to pasta and rice at dinner time, or add fruit to your yoghurt or cereal at breakfast. Want your veggies at breakfast? Stir them into your scrambled eggs and make an impromptu omelet!


Don’t Buy Junk

If you buy a fridge full of fresh fruit and veggies and other healthy snacks, rather than potato chips and other junk food, chances are, you’ll eat a lot more of the healthy food. So just don’t buy the junk food, and you’ll find that you’re eating more of the fruit and veggies your body craves.


Know What You Need

For most girls and women, our bodies need five servings of fruits and vegetables per day. A serving can usually fit in the palm of your hand, so a small apple can be a serving, or a heaping handful of blueberries. Five servings may sound intimidating, but it’s not, really: a cup of orange juice with breakfast, an apple for a mid-morning snack, a few carrot sticks at lunch, and you’re already half-way done with one day’s worth of fresh fruit and veggies. Easy peasy!

These are just a few of the ways my trainer suggested for sneaking in extra servings of fresh fruit and veggies every day, and I know there are more. If you’re a fruit and veggie fanatic, how you do you eat more of them? What other tips can you share?

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