7 Easy Ways to Get Healthier


It’s been a few months since the New Year, so by now, most of us have given up on the resolutions we made that just weren’t realistic. We’ve lost that stubborn ten pounds, kept in touch with our grandmothers, and finally cut that jerky ex-boyfriend out of our lives. But the resolution we made to be healthier, well… that one hasn’t gone so well. Part of the problem is that some of us don’t know exactly what we can do to be healthier, and all of the things we can think of on our own are just too daunting. Sweetie, it’s not really that hard! There are lots of things we can do, easy things, to get healthier, and here are a few of them.

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Quit Smoking

Aside from making your hair, clothes, breath, and car stink, smoking is so bad for your health, in so many ways! Quite literally, it can kill you — and probably will. There is nearly an endless list of cancers that will rot you from the inside out, not to mention the gravely increased risk of heart disease. If you smoke, do everything you can to quit, now. If you don’t smoke, never, ever start!


Wear Sunscreen

In the past few decades, it’s been the idea that healthy, sexy skin is tan. Well, that’s not true. In fact, the opposite is true — healthy skin is protected from the sun’s damaging rays. Not only will the sun age your skin prematurely, it’s also the leading cause of deadly skin cancer, by far. In fact, your chances of developing skin cancer more than double from just one sunburn. That’s why it’s so vital to wear sunscreen any time you’re going outside, year round. And skip the tanning bed, because that’s even worse for your health than the sun itself.


Drink Water

Most of us need about 64 ounces of water each day to stay well hydrated. Some of us need more, some a little less, but if you’re trying to get healthier, you’ll want to start with 64 ounces of water per day. Carry a water bottle with you throughout the day, and sip when you think of it. Your body will thank you!


Eat Fruits and Veggies

Most adult women are supposed to consume 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day, but not many of us do. Make it a goal to get your 5 servings each day, and reap the benefits of all those vitamins and all that fiber!



This is one of the best ways to get healthier — regular exercise. We ought to get at least 20 minutes of heart-pounding cardio a day, and you can get that by doing anything that keeps your heart rate up that long, even if it’s just a brisk walk. If for no other reason, exercise because bikini season is just around the corner!


Cut out Fast Food

There are so few healthy fast food choices. Nearly everything makes you pay in fat, calories, and sodium for the convenience you get in that paper bag. To get healthier, skip the fast food and cook at home. At home, you can control what goes into your food. Not so with fast food — you eat whatever they decide to put in, which means highly processed, fattening, rather disgusting foods.


Take Time out

Today, everything is hustle and bustle, with little time for us to unwind, relax, and recharge. This constantly-on-the-go lifestyle can take its toll on your health, so it’s important to set time aside every single day to relax a little. Turn off your cell phone, turn off the TV, and enjoy some quiet time. Even half an hour can really make a difference!

I’m certainly not suggesting that you try to do all of these things at one. You’d be healthier, but probably drive yourself crazy with all of the cravings and stress! Try these things one or two at a time, then build from there… these are ways to get healthier, not ways to drive yourself mad! I’m going to try item number 7 starting this week… which of these ways do you think you’ll try to be healthier? Or is there something you’re going to try that’s not on my list? Please share!

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I make sure I exercise everyday

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