7 Ways to Tell if Your Diet is Working ...

Okay, so you’ve been dieting for a month now and you’ve resisted the temptation of not one, or two, but THREE offers of cheesecake… but is the sacrifice worth it? How can you tell is your diet is working? There are lots of ways, and most of them have nothing to do with stepping onto the dreaded scale…

1. You Have More Energy

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You used to be ready for bed, or at least a few hours on the couch, by six o’clock, but now you just can’t sit still! You’ve got an abundance of energy that makes the average five-year-old look calm! This is one clear way to tell if your diet is working… now get out there and move! Yeah!

2. Your Bathroom Time is More “productive”

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Not to sound gross, or too much like Dr. Oz, but one way to tell if your diet is working is by thinking about how “productive” your time in the bathroom is. Chances are, if you’re dieting, you’re being really careful about what you eat, and if you’re eating the right foods, and your diet is working, you won’t be constipated, and your movements will be regular and easy. Gross, I know, but it’s true!

3. Your Clothes Fit Better

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Those skinny jeans used to be “bulgy jeans” but now you look downright hot in them again. Your favorite clingy top is hugging your curves in all the right ways, and you’ve had to start using your belt on a tighter hole… guess what? These are all ways to tell that yes, your diet is working!

4. You FEEL Better

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When you’re overweight, you’re sluggish and slow and prone to feel every little ache and pain. But now that your diet is working, and you’re losing weight, your knees and back feel good, and you’re sleeping better. You feel great!

5. You’re Losing Inches

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You used to kid yourself into buying size 29 jeans, and now you’re definitely into a size 26. You’re losing inches, now, not just pounds, and you can tell. Here’s a celebrity inspiration — on this past season of “Dancing with the Stars,” gorgeous Kirstie Alley lost 38 inches while competing! So if you’re losing inches, too, my dear, chances are, your diet is working!

6. Everyone else Asks!

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Aside from that snarky frenemy, who, by the way, still has your favorite dark-wash skinny jeans, everyone you know keeps asking if you’ve lost weight. Aren’t you tired of telling them that you’ve been dieting, but you’re not sure if it’s working? Well, girl, if they’re asking you, then yes! It’s working! Now… call that frenemy and get your dark-wash skinny jeans back… or, wait! They don’t fit you anymore, so she can keep them, right?

7. You’re Firmer/toner

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Oh, the dreaded under-arm flab… or the jiggly Jell-o belly and thighs… and let’s not even talk about the flabby backside! Now that your diet is working, though, you’ve noticed a lot less flab, a lot less jiggle when you wiggle… wow! I think your diet (and your workout) are working!

Of course, if you’re still not sure if your diet is working, you can always weight yourself, but remember, that number on the scale can be misleading, so use these “is my diet working” tips instead! I know I’m always on the right diet track when my jeans start fitting better… which of these ways do you know if your diet is working?

Top Photo Credit: AndreJenny.com

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