12 Tips on Watching What You Eat during Holidays ...


12 Tips on Watching What You Eat during Holidays ...
12 Tips on Watching What You Eat during Holidays ...

So, you are the good girl who sticks to her diet all summer and fall, but finds it impossible to resist temptation at all the holidays parties. I hardly blame ya. There’s the office party, family parties, and so many more… but you can watch what you eat in the holiday season, and still indulge and have fun! Here’s how.

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Eat before You Go

If you eat a balanced, healthy meal before you attend a holiday party, you’re far less likely to pick at foods that will wreck your diet.


Watch the Alcohol

Most fru-fru holiday drinks (like egg nog and White Russians) contain mixers that are loaded with fat and calories. Stay away!


Bring a Dish

If you’re not certain that there will be healthful food available at the party you’re attending, bring a veggie tray or a delicious, low-fat dessert to pass and share.


Head for the Veggies

If you didn’t bring your own healthful dish, then keep your eyes open for anything nutritious that might be laid out, like a fruit or veggie tray. There's gotta be some low cal foodsomewhere!


Indulge a Little

You know what? It’s a holiday party! Go ahead and indulge in a small chocolate rasberry brownie mousse or cookie. The key, as always is moderation.


Recruit a Friend

If you doubt your will power to stay motivated to stick to a diet, bring a friend to the party with you, to keep you from going a little overboard.


Stop when Full

Who hasn’t stuffed themselves silly at a holiday dinner? Know when to stop — when you’re comfortably full.


Increase Exercise

OK, so maybe you had one too many of Aunt Jenny’s cherry-cordial brownies. Don’t beat yourself up! Just spend an extra ten minutes on the treadmill or elliptical or doing some other form ofcardio exercises.


Stay Away from the Enablers!

If you know your sister will be pushing her apple tarts, or your mother will force her mashed potatoes on you, then stay away from them til dinner is done.


Drink Water

Water is incredible — it keeps us hydrated and healthy. It can also make us feel full. Keep a bottle of water handy, and when you’re feeling tempted, take a swig.


Stay Away from the Tray!

If you know you can’t resist the desserttray once you’ve seen it, stay away from it. Don’t even look at it. Avoid it. Avert your eyes. Get the idea?


Be Reasonable

Look, the holidays and requisite parties only come once a year. Don’t expect to have a perfect season of humble carrot sticks. Set a more reasonable goal, and stick to that instead.

I don’t know about you, but I feel prepared to head to a few holiday parties now! Bring it on! But tell me — how do you resist the hundreds of little diet-breaking temptations throughout this time of year? What’s your trick? Please let me know… quick! I hear my sister's making rum cake!

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Thanks for the wonderful tips, all I need will be ambition to keep away from the tray :))

My advice for watching what you eat? Keep your eyes open!! You never know when a bug might of landed on it! :P

all in moderation is the way to go. I can't personally deprive myself of holiday goodies - I enjoy not gorge though :)

I sooo need to be carful and take your advices Jen! Especially in alcahol and nibbling those good and yummy food there is at parties! Sooo difficult to resist! :S

Sound advise, but totally too difficult to adhere to at parties. What I do, is taste all the goodies that look inviting, but then I really eat very healthy at home for a while.

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