6 Most Famous Kinds of Italian Cheese ...

Italian cheeseโ€ฆ

Italy is a famous land of sophisticated taste. Prosciutto, pancetta, bresaola, mortadella - ah, if you try the cuisine just once, you stay in love with it forever! More than just pasta and pizza, there is a buffet of tempting delicious flavours and sensations from around the region. Today, letโ€™s travel into the world of authentic Italian cheese - indispensable ingredients of many of its rich and fabulous dishes!

1. Mozzarella

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- one of the most famous and widely spread types of fresh Italian cheese. Authentic Mozzarella is actually made from buffalo milk (hard to find outside of Italy!), and has an attractive white hue. Its taste is mild and the texture is soft and chewy. Mozzarella is the key ingredient for countless recipe versions of Italian pizza and lasagna.

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