6 Hot Men for Midweek Buffet ...

I don't know about you but the midweek is really boring. They are not as challenging as Mondays and never as exciting as the weekends. So what do I do to make the midweek less boring? Aside from Googling photos of ice cream, I also check out photos of hot celebrities out and about. Now there were lots of half-naked and/or hot celebrities this week but I thought I'd just gather here the menfolk. I did not include half-naked photos of the Jersey Shore boys (for obvious reasons).

1. Ryan Kwanten for Details

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Now we have seen Alex's cover for Details and I can't decide if this cover is so much hotter. The abs are yum, for sure. Of course, the fact that Ryan is not really an adorably annoying prick like his True Blood character is increases his hotness factor.

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