7 Most Delicious World Cuisines ...


7 Most Delicious World Cuisines ...
7 Most Delicious World Cuisines ...

On a trip to Paris some years ago, I decided to try a different cuisine every night of the week. It was easy, as there are so many restaurants, countries and styles of cooking that eating out in a city need never get boring. So here I offer my pick of world cuisine.

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Japanese More interesting than Chinese food somehow. Maybe it’s because Japanese restaurants are less ubiquitous than Chinese ones. Or perhaps it’s the presentation – the dishes always look so pretty. Just don’t try to pronounce the menu when you order – point at it instead, thus avoiding the possibility of embarrassing linguistic faux pas.

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Thai I love Thai food. Unfortunately, I can never remember the difference between red curry and green curry, and always end up ordering the hotter one. I should have learnt by now, but never do.

Photo Credit: AmpamukA



Indian Fantastic for vegetarians. Indian food holds a special place in my heart (and stomach) thanks to a wonderful vegetarian restaurant in North London (now closed. The restaurant, not North London). I swear I cried when I realised it was no longer there. If you have their recipe for Idlis, name your price. Dining out has never been quite the same since. Sob.

Photo Credit: malyousif


Middle Eastern

This type of cuisine seems to get overlooked, but I love a plateful of mezze. There’s something so enjoyable about trying a variety of dishes. Finish off with a nice sticky baklava for dessert, especially if you are dining with a partner, so you can lick the honey off your lips lasciviously.

Photo Credit: mariannaF



Italian I’m sure there are numerous other wonderful dishes, but as far as I’m concerned, Italian cooking justifies its place in my list on the grounds of pizza alone. Pizza is one of those dishes that shouldn’t be so great, but just is. I don’t know why, I don’t care why, I just love it. Except for supermarket pizzas, which should be banned.

Photo Credit: ♫ jon argos ♫



Belgian Belgian cuisine is, apparently, of very high quality. However, I’m including it for more simple pleasures. You can find stalls selling frites (chips, or fries) everywhere, which the Belgians love to douse in mayonnaise (try it, it’s great). Waffle stands are also common (wonderful with chocolate sauce). However, the greatest culinary contribution that Belgium has given the world (beer drinkers may disagree with me) is their chocolates. Oh. My. God. You have not lived until you have tasted authentic Belgian chocolates.

Photo Credit: Moon over Belgium



Mexican Almost got itself excluded for inventing the culinary horror that is guacamole, but if you love spicy food you can’t beat a good burrito or tortilla. Just make sure you Know Your Chilli Peppers. Eat jalapenos at your own risk.

Photo Credit: Watari Goro 渡五郎

So, have you ever tried a similar food tour? What restaurants did you eat in? Are there other cuisines that you love? Or would never, never touch again?

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I have been craving indian food all week. I live on indian and middle eastern food.

agreed wit u on thai food..just name it,they are all superb..

Why is guacamole a culinary horror? Lebanesse food is delicious, from hummus to labne and kepbe. And Belgian "food" is kind of boring compared to any other... french food is WAY tastier than belgian. I dont really get why belgium is in this list, yes they do have awesome chocolate, but choc is not enough to make it to a 7 MOST delicious world cuisine list... dont get me wrong, I love Belgium, my fav city is Brugges but their food was kind of "blah" in comparision to any oter I´ve tasted Peruvian is also super tasty.

mmmmm... yummy.. i love indian, middle eastern and mexican!!! i'm hungry now!!

Yaay! Indian food made the list. My mom can make pretty decent idlis. Actually, it's not that hard to make. I love Thai food as well! The spicier, the better :D

wow, racist wording for #1 there

Lol @ don't try to pronounce the Japanese menu. It's not that difficult, god forbid you should step outside of your comfort zone and learn something new.

OMG! I am from Thailand, I am so proud that Thai food is no.2nd in the list. Red Curry is a bit spicier than Green Curry also Green curry is sweeter than Red. Actually some said they are almost same. Come to visit me in Thailand I will cook for you or I can take you to a real traditional Thai food :o)

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