14 Tips for Hosting a Perfect Party ...


14 Tips for Hosting a Perfect Party ...
14 Tips for Hosting a Perfect Party ...

Hosting a party? With so many reasons to have a party you’re almost destined to play hostess in a party some time in your life. Not the prefect party planner? If things aren’t planned properly people will talk and it won’t be good talk! Please follow my 14 Tips for Hosting a Perfect Party! Following these tips will guide you to the ultimate goal of a successful party that guests will surely be talking about for a long time to come.

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Come up with the Purpose of the Party

It’s hard to plan a party if you don’t know the purpose of the party. Celebrating a birthday, wedding, or shower it’s always a good idea to have the clear purpose in your head before planning. Knowing the person or event the party is for will help you in planning every detail to the guest of honor or guests’ liking.


Pick a Time and Place

The most important part of the party. Where? Pick a place near a majority of the guests. After all the perfect party is one that demands little travel. This way they won’t have a long distance to travel. As far as a place the other most important key factor is the time! Groups of friends are filled with conflicting schedules so try to pick a day that is good for a majority of the crowd. Usually Saturdays are the best day to have a party.


Plan a Budget

Planning a party requires funds. You don’t want to make yourself broke planning this party so make sure to set a budget. If you only want to spend 300 dollars make sure you stick to that with no exceptions. Plan around your budget to make sure you don’t spend extra. Feel free to ask close friends and attendees if they would like to chip in. The perfect party can get expensive so make sure to pay attention to prices of things when planning so you don’t go over budget.


Pick a Theme

It’s always a good idea to pick a theme when hosting your party. This will give your sense of direction while planning focus. Some popular themes for parties are beach/tropical themes and colored themes. Sticking with the theme and following it through with decorations and games will truly make for the perfect party.


Prepare a to do List

Before you start setting all the details in place make a list of every thing that needs to be completed. After all it’s the perfect party you’re planning and perfection takes precise planning!


Prepare Your Guest List

Before you plan food, games, or decorations it’s always nice to have an idea of how many people will be attending. Sit down with the guest of honor or other attendees that are giving you a hand at planning and create the guest list for your perfect party.



After you have picked a theme, set a budget, and prepared your guest list be sure to invite everyone as soon as possible! Some people need a good 3-4 week notice before requesting time off of work or before changing any plans they may have in line already. Giving them enough time to rearrange their plans will enable more people to be present,


Plan Activities/Games

Activity at a party is always a major decision. Think about your guest list and their tastes. Try to plan games that everyone will partake in. Good games to play at any party are ice breaker games. These are usually games that involve a list of questions everyone answers allowed. This usually makes for a lot of humor and conversation hence the name ice breaker games. Make sure to plan enough games and activities that the guests are kept busy. You don’t want guests sitting around and twiddling their thumbs. This means they’re bored! A successful party means everyone is enjoying their time.


Plan the Entertainment

The entertainment is another decision based on your guests’ likes and dislikes. If your planning a big budget party search online for a DJ, bands, or local comedic act to entertain your guests. If you’re throwing a low budget party the best thing to do is drag out the old boom box or stereo and play the guest of honor’s favorites low in the background. Remember to play the music loud enough for the guests to hear but not loud enough to distract conversations.


RSVP with Invitees

You have to stay on top of your guest list! If you don’t follow up with the people you have invited their bound to disappoint you and not show up. You have to call, email, blog, basically harass the people you’re inviting. Let the no’s be no’s though and don’t be too intrusive. A lot of people have hectic schedules and staying on top of the guest list and the RSVPs will surely help the outcome of your perfectly party.


Plan a Menu

So you already have a count of everyone who is making it to the party. Make sure you have more then enough food for the guests. If you’re planning a large budget party it’s a good idea to hire a caterer. This can be pricey. A good way to get a lot of food at the party is to write on the invitation for people to bring a dish. You would be amazed at the amount of versatile food you will find arranged for everyone by the time the party starts. It’s always a good idea to have snack food available besides a main dish. The perfect party consists of the guests merrily eating, talking, or playing a game.


Double Check Your List

Once you have completed all of your tasks on your list make sure to go back and double check. It’s always easy for minor important details to slip through the cracks. Make sure to check your list twice! You wouldn’t want to find out that you forgot to order the food or forgot to invite someone.


Decorate in Advance

Decorate for the party in advance if possible. If the party is at someone’s house decorate the night before. If the party is at a hall or restaurant ask the employee in charge how early you can come in to decorate. Having the party decorated before the party starts is always a way to eliminate stress on the day of your perfect party. This will leave you with only food, entertainment, games, and chatting to worry about.


Have Fun

You’ve thrown the perfect party now relax and have fun! You’ve spent all the time planning the party and being the host. You deserve to reap the benefits. After all the reason you double checked your list and planned ahead of time was to make sure everyone had a good time! Your turn to finally have a good time at the perfect party!

Now that you’ve thrown the perfect party why don’t you try another? The more you go through the process the more tricks of the trade you learn. It’s easy to throw a party but hard to throw the perfect party! It takes patience, money, blood, sweat, and tears! Hopefully this list of 14 Tips on Hosting A Perfect Party have helped you on your mission. Have any more tips on how to host a perfect party?

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Awesome post!! My mom needs help with these parties for my 3 little sisters (: all under the age of 12!!

I printed out this article. Which i know will help me alot :) We have a Christmas gathering Partie which my mom organized. I wished this was published before but surly will going to help in the future! Thanks again.

Sheila, NP love.. Hope you'll enjoy these festive seasons together! :)

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