8 Ways to Look after Your Eyes ...


8 Ways to Look after Your Eyes ...
8 Ways to Look after Your Eyes ...

Your eyes are important. You only get one pair, and life without them is very different...at school once we had to spend the day as a blind person, with our eyes covered. It was a strange experience, and it hit me how much I rely on my eyes. Recently there has been a lot of talk about keeping eyes healthy, so here are my top 8 ways...

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Check Your Lighting

Check Your Lighting Photo Credit: dinerdog

While reading in dim or dark conditions won’t permanently damage your eyesight, it can cause eye strain, which is incredibly painful and annoying. It can also cause headaches! Try to read in good lighting conditions, so that the page is illuminated and you don’t need to squint to read the writing.


Check Your Contacts

Check Your Contacts Photo Credit: visithra

While it is a myth that contact lenses can get lost behind the eye, this doesn’t mean you should neglect yours. Regularly check that they are in the right place and positioned correctly, as they could easily irritate your eyes. Clean them as recommended, and using the correct solution, as they can easily spread infection!


Don’t Sleep in Them!

Don’t Sleep in Them! Photo Credit: .bella.

This goes for contact lenses and make up. You don’t blink at night, as your eyes are closed, and this means any germs are not washed away as they usually would be. This means you have a much increased chance of suffering from irritation or infections, which are painful! I’m really bad at this, but since putting my make up wipes and contact case together, I’ve found it much easier to remember to do both.


Don’t Wear Other Peoples Glasses

Don’t Wear Other Peoples Glasses Photo Credit: julsatmidnight

While for many people this will be common sense, it’s surprisingly popular. It won’t damage your own eyesight, unless you do it for a prolonged period, but your eyes will begin to compensate for the glasses prescription. This is likely to give you a headache, and eye strain, even if it makes no major difference to your own longterm sight. If you need glasses, buy some ‘fake’ or lenseless ones.


Square Eyes

Square Eyes Photo Credit: William Hook

Everyone has heard the one about watching too much TV giving you square eyes, and you can rest assured that it isn’t true. Too much TV isn’t good for the eyes, though, as they have to focus on what is effectively a moving light source. Watch in a light room to prevent headaches and make the job a little easier for your eyes, and have a break every hour or so.


You Can Throw Away Your Specs

You Can Throw Away Your Specs Photo Credit: galessa's plastics

A really common myth is that you can throw away your glasses if you regularly exercise your sight, as it will improve and correct your vision. Most eyesight problems are to do with the size and shape of your eyes, which can’t be changed through exercise. If you need to wear glasses or contact lenses, wear them! You could damage your vision further if you don’t, and risk eye strain.


Have a Regular Eye Check

Have a Regular Eye Check Photo Credit: fiteyes

Regular eye tests are important whether you wear glasses or not. Your optometrist will look for vision changes, and the general health of your eyes. This can help to flag up other conditions, such as diabetes, or glaucoma. If you have vision problems, you should go every 6 months, and if not, once a year. If you notice any changes, make an appointment as soon as you can, and get it checked out.


Eat Your Vegetables!

Eat Your Vegetables! Photo Credit: nickwheeleroz

While it’s often thought to be a myth, carrots actually are good for the eyes! They contain Vitamin A, which is very good for your eyes. You should make sure you are eating a balanced diet, with all the necessary vitamins and minerals, to avoid diseases such as age-related macular degeneration. A balanced diet and plenty of water will keep your body, and your eyes, on top form!

I’m always worrying about my eyes...after all, they are so important, yet so easy to forget! I’ve vowed to up my vitamin intake and look after them properly! Have you got a tip for looking after your eyes? I’d love to hear it!

Top Photo Credit: dreamglow pumpkincat210

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