10 Tips on Buying a New Car ...


10 Tips on Buying a New Car ...
10 Tips on Buying a New Car ...

As you get older and get out on your own, you find yourself needing a car and sometimes it's best if you take someone that knows what to look for in a new car. Many dealerships can be a bit tricky with buying used or new cars. You need to do inspections to the vehicle and see if the car is fit for your needs. Let us discuss some tips on buying a new car my way.

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Engine Check

I am sure you know to check the new engine to see if it's running correctly, but you might want to check a few things to make sure it's a brand new engine. It's very simple to roll back a engines miles and make it look brand new. All cars or trucks that are new will have some miles from getting on the trailers or small test drives. You can see if the engine is good by pressing the pedal in park. If you hear a good sounding engine, then its fine. Also, check to see what color the oil is to see if it's clear and not overused.



Always look over a carfax to see if the vehicle has been owned by someone else. You will be surprised with the stories I heard with new cars having new engines from recent blow engines. You might think it's new, but there is a lot that can go wrong with a few miles. When people test drive vehicles some do wreck and need new parts. This will come up in the carfax. By law they have to give you a carfax of the vehicle, depending on the state of course.


Choose the Right Model

It's hard to choose what new car you want, because there is a lot of competition with newer vehicles. Gas prices are going up every day and might never go down. You might consider a low gas mileage car, like a hybrid. For those that like fast and higher type engines, you might consider a sports car. There are pro's and con's to each type of car or truck and to find out which one is for you. Search Google online to find out what is best for you.


Inspect the Vehicle before Buying

Many people think that the car is new it won't have problems. You could be wrong, because most dealerships hide small details or large details that could lower the price of the car. I know someone that just bought a new car and found it had oil in the water. This later had to be fixed and cost them more, because they did not get a warranty. You should always bring a checklist to see if everything is working well.


Make Sure You Have a Factory Warranty and Car Dealership Warranty

When you buy a new car, you will find yourself getting a factory warranty on the transmission and sometimes on the motor. You can purchase an extended warranty that last longer than the factory guarantee and it's highly recommended. If the dealership gives a warranty, you have to pay a little extra. They go by a certain set mileage like the factory warranty.


Choose a Hybrid for Tax Reasons

If you want to make more off your tax return, you should get a hybrid. They have a tax credit directly for those that have hybrids. This can help you gain more money off your tax return.


Size of the Engine

The bigger the Engine the more gas it will take. However, for people that like sports or trucks, they don't care about the extra gas being spent. If you get a 4 cylinder car, you might consider getting a warranty on some parts in the motor or for the total motor. They don't last as long as the 6 cylinder or 8 cylinder.


Family or Sport?

When it comes to a family, you need to consider getting a roomy car or SUVs. With a Suv there will be bigger engine and more gas used, but you won't have to worry about room. You can also get a good-sized car with four doors. To find the best suitable sized car, you can search for recommended family cars online.


Safety Features

It's very important for all that drives on the road is driving a safe vehicle. When you go to buy a new car, try to look and see the safety rating. Try considering a five star rating vehicle in safety. You also should consider getting a car that has Onstar. They can make a call when you get into a wreck or get lost.


Find the Right Dealership

This is going to be my number one tip, because when it comes to choosing a new vehicle it's important to buy your car from a good dealership that you can trust. You might consider looking the company up online and seeing online reviews. You can look into consumer reports with car dealerships and see if their tricky. Choose your best judgment and go with the one that has better selection and customer satisfaction.

I hope this block gave you some tips to buying a new vehicle and what you should look out for when buying new from a car dealership. Car dealerships go to school to learn tricks to selling cars and you should be aware that they will do anything to get you to buy from them. You know they want to be paid too. Are you going to buy a new vehicle?

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