7 Tips on Breeding Bearded Dragons ...


7 Tips on Breeding Bearded Dragons ...
7 Tips on Breeding Bearded Dragons ...

Bearded dragons are very good pets. They are also fun to be with. They are good beginner reptiles. Some will say that the iguana is for beginners, but this is definitely not true. They are for the more advanced reptile lovers. If you want tips on taking care of iguanas, just tell me in the comments and I will make a blog for you on that topic. Right now, I am going to give you 7 tips on breeding bearded dragons…

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Make Sure You Are Ready

Make Sure You Are Ready Photo Credit: tom.wright

It is important that you make sure you are ready to do this. Why do you want to breed them? You should always do your research ahead of time and see what it requires.


How Old is Your Bearded Dragon?

How Old is Your Bearded Dragon? Photo Credit: Scott Kinmartin

Breeders make mistakes of breeding their bearded dragons at a young age. The younger the dragon is, the more they are at risk of egg binding along with some other health problems. If you breed a female at too early an age, they may not live long. A good age to start breeding is when they are at least eighteen months old.


Watch Their Behavior

Watch Their Behavior Photo Credit: LaertesCTB

When the bearded dragons are ready to breed, you are going to notice it. The male is going to turn darker. He will start to bob his head (this is cute). He does it in order to try to get the female to notice him. He may even start to stomp his feet. The female will start to slowly bob their head and wave their arms. The male will get violent when breeding and they may bite the female on the neck when they are in their position.


How Long Does It Take for the Female to Lay the Eggs?

How Long Does It Take for the Female to Lay the Eggs? Photo Credit: stephen dutch

Generally, it will take the female between four to six weeks to lay the eggs. The eggs may not hatch if you leave them there. Gently dig them up and put them in the incubator. Do not turn them upside down. It will take around 2 months for them to hatch.


The First Clutch

The first clutch of eggs may be infertile. When you hold them up to a candle, they will be yellow. They will also have a gelatin feel to them. When an egg is fertile, they will have a leather type feel and look pink when you hold them up to a candle. You will also be able to see the embryo inside that is developing.


The Incubator

The Incubator Photo Credit: dragonslare

When you start breeding your bearded dragons, you should have the incubator ready. For the temperatures, you should keep them between eighty two and eighty four degrees Fahrenheit. There should be a good amount of humidity in the incubator.


Leave Them in the Incubator for 24-36 Hours

Leave Them in the Incubator for 24-36 Hours Photo Credit: janeswalden

Congratulations on the baby bearded dragons. Now, after they hatch, for 24-36 hours, you should leave them in the incubator. After this, you can move them into their aquarium and house the babies together. Take note that they will need to eat around 3 days after birth. They will need pinhead crickets.

Bearded dragons are cute animals. I love my bearded dragon, Grendel. He is going on 5 years old. He loves to sit on my desk and watch me type articles. He must be a smart lizard, right? So, are you thinking about breeding the beardies? If so, please think it over and do it right.

Top Photo Credit: bored-now

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