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7 Tips on Playing Gears of War ...

By Aprille

Now were taking! Gears of war is one of the best duck and cover shooters yet that I’ve played on the x box 360. To master this game on hard mode and insane mode, you should see what I have to say. Also, if you are a multiplayer type person that plays online and wants to own. You should see some tips I have for multiplayer. Please read my 7 Tips on Playing Gears of War …

7 Watch Your Surroundings

Throughout the game, you will constantly be forced to hide behind the wall to wait to shoot for the kill. When you do this always find the best area to hide. On x box live, you will notice that a sniper can easily end you and make a fatal death. There’s nothing like your head being torn off by a bullet. Anyways watch out where you duck and cover, because that sniper is looking for an advantage to shoot that head of yours.

6 Shotgun for Close Quarters

The shotgun in gears of war is a fatal up close weapon that can cut your body in half, if shot correctly. If you have a good connection and have no lag, you won’t have any problems with the shot gun. However, use this weapon when they want to charge you, because this gun is better close range and not long range. The moral of this tip is basically telling you to use this weapon when their close range for a fast kill.

5 Chain Saw Massacre

Chain Saw Massacre Photo Credit: Ed Speir IV

In gears of war 1 and not 2, they made it easy to use the assault rifle chainsaw for a fast kill if they don’t down you before you get their. In number 2 they made it a chainsaw dual to make the chance higher. The chainsaw will rip your enemies apart and allow a fast kill. You also should use this a lot in campaign story.

4 Play Co-Op

Co-op is the answer to beating any game campaign fast and on the hardest mode. Gears of war allowed split screen mode with a partner or even co op through x box live. This allows you to have another good person that helps you through the game on its hardest levels.

3 Use Those Grenades to Eliminate More then One Enemy

Use Those Grenades to Eliminate More then One Enemy Photo Credit: Ed Speir IV

If you the grenades wisely and aim them right, you can kill tons of enemies at once. Unlike number two, you can’t attach bombs to walls, so you have to make sure you throw them right. You can conquer in multiplayer if you use them in a group of enemies coming your way.

2 The Sniper is Awesome

The Sniper is one of my favorite gun to use in gears, because one shot to their head and their dead. You can be across the stage and blow someone’s head off. The best thing about this game with the sniper is that you always duck and cover, so it’s easy to snipe. The controls take a bit to get use to, but once you do ownage is what you will have.

1 BoomShot!

BoomShot! Photo Credit: Mega3000

One word the boomshot. This weapon is a glorified grenade launcher that can do a good amount of damage to many players at one time. This gun is one of the fastest ways to get 4 or 5 kills in the first portion of the game. That’s if you get there in time to grab it first.

Gears of war has an awesome story and number 3 is around the corner to coming out. The dynamics of the game and graphics can amaze you with tons of hours of gameplay and online gaming. Do you play gears of war still?

Top Photo Credit: fulcicozzi666

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